Which you should definitely not do when you have financial problems

What you should definitely not do when you have financial problems

When you are in a tight financial situation, it is important to avoid financial problems for your own benefit.

1. Keeps a microcredit

You will be tempted by the idea of a small price from a close microfinance organization. Esou entreprisen wessen, wei selwer ze reklamm a ginn wierklech suen fir bal jiddereen an enger zeil. It is exactly what you need: to borrow a small amount of money and to confirm your solvency in an appropriate manner.

Et ass neideg esou e pret seier an op zait ze ginn. Virun allem weinst den heijen zensen.

According to the central bank, at the end of 2017, the average interest rate on consumer loans up to 30 thousand rubles was 614.6%. Evaluation of key indicators of microfinance institutions for the third term of 2017 per year. At the same time, from october 2016 to october 2017, the growth rate of payday preten was 36.4%. On the other hand, he talks about the fact that it is easy to come up with a few defaulters.

Microprints are the easiest way to bring collectors into the world. Companies are not willing to sell their products, but they are willing to make 90 mistakes: again, microcredit does not bring profit and the right occupants of the land.

2. Stopping to ask questions to a community servicer

When there is a change, it is logical to look at what regular payments can be made to you. Utilities are on the same list, but you should not.

If it seems to me that the resource exploitation organizations do not have a lever for me, that is not the case. For the second mount of the net allocation, you will be closely charged with electricity. At two minutes you risk to be left without water, gas, electricity and sewerage. At the end of the day, as an extreme, but very important, moss name, you can't escape it. So it is better to "feel" the method and not to hear it.

3. To use irrationally a narrow credit card

A credit card is needed for a small amount of money to be able to "shrink" pai. Ma des method ass nemme geeegent fir leit mat engem normale akommes vun engem normal niveau. To get out of the financial hole, the optioun would not make much sense.

For example, you get 5 thousand rubles, of which 3 thousand you spend on food, 3 thousand – on a small communal apartment, 3 thousand – on reading, stot chemicals on an extremely noutwendeg saachen. When you have received 500 rubles from the bank, then you can simply get the next mount back for them. On the other hand, when you get a narrow credit card for a small amount of 50 rubles, it would be easy for me to withdraw it.

You can call the kaart, but you can't do the calculations right.

What you definitely should not do is to create situations in which you do not have time to take care of the school. Until that moment, you do not need to bring back what you have. The bank will start to pay interest, and the financial burden will be lifted.

4. Hust stot preten fir onneideg saachen

It is clear that you have already closed the gap, that you have financial problems, but it makes sense. It is worth consolidating the iddi in a narrow aspect.

Budgetary prizes are presented as a tight jelly sheet to get what you can't afford. A unique trick that you will always be able to do without.

You can tightly saach dei iech ze deier ass zu eng nach mei heije prais – inklusiv zensen.

It is natural that you have to decide whether you want to spend your money on a not entirely new acquisition, and to change the important expenditures. But such a narrow strategy cannot be called justifiable. It is hardly worth mentioning that the financial situation is improved with this approach. The best way to make it not so easy for you.

5. Gitt an dubious financial adventures involveiert

When there is a shortage of money, many people start to invest in simple ways to make sure that there is enough money for them to invest in lotteries, games and pyramids.

When the hollywood industry doesn't meet the director for the first time, I don't hope for a sudden change of direction. What I doubtful the financial spill ass, what I suen et from iech zitt.

6. Stop a budget halen

When there is absolutely not enough money, it is not enough to aim at it. It is already clear, how much money you will have, you can always have too much.

But in this situation it is important to follow the expenses and to forecast the expenditures. Jo, the information on spreadsheets or notebooks does not make optimistic sense. I like to know the right way to do things, but I don't think it's a good idea to do so.