Save with follow-up financing and debt rescheduling

Do you still have an old real estate loan? Find out now about follow-up financing and debt restructuring

Take advantage of the very favorable interest rate market now to continue financing at a lower rate: find out now about your follow-up financing and a possible rescheduling of your first loan. 10 years ago, 3.5 percent interest rates were already very favorable. Today, interest rates below 2 percent are standard. If your follow-up financing is currently pending, your first-financing bank will certainly make you a good offer, which will be considerably more favorable from dsicxht of the interest rates. We guarantee, however, that in the vast majority of cases it is still possible to do it much cheaper. Indeed, many consumer tests have shown that the conditions for existing customers at banks are usually more expensive than for new customer offers. For this reason, you should always obtain comparative offers for follow-up financing and debt restructuring and also consider changing the financing bank for follow-up financing.

Who wants to save with the follow-up financing and rescheduling, compares.

If you act in good time, there is no time pressure on your follow-up financing. You should start looking into follow-up funding as early as 18 months before your initial funding expires. We recommend to inquire beside the house bank still at least two to three further banlen – also with the help of on-line construction financing mediators. The easiest way to do this is on the internet. And these vergelichsangebote are always free with all respectable offerers.

The most important data for a follow-up financing request are:

Who has picked out these data, can go into the consultation and the best concepts for follow-up financing and rescheduling can be created. But even if you have a long-term construction financing z. B. If you have concluded a contract for a period of 15 years, you can cancel this contract after 10 years (with a 6 month lead time) without further ado. With comprehensive information one can plan in the presently prevailing low-interest phase perfectly for a future-safe construction financing.

  • Expect an inheritance or money from investments or disposals in the next few years?

You should not ignore this aspect when preparing your follow-up financing. The possibility of future cash inflows can have a direct influence on the follow-up financing loan. Because this can have a direct influence on the term of the follow-up financing, on the question of unscheduled repayment rights, and even on the type of loan. Possibly then a classical annuity loan is not necessarily the best choice. But you can then discuss this with your construction financing consultant in peace and in detail. Condition: you still have enough time before your follow-up financing is due.

Switching providers for follow-up financing and debt rescheduling is easier than many think.

Our experience shows that almost all borrowers overestimate the effort for a debt restructuring or the change to a cheaper provider. Because of this misjudgement, most people conclude follow-up financing and debt rescheduling with the first-financing bank. That seems to be at first sight also the way of the smallest expenditure to be. Nearly 70 percent do not change, although they could save a lot of money. This psychological inhibition banks use to their advantage and make existing customers follow-up financing offers, which are usually slightly above the current possible interest rates.

If one analyzes, however, the third of the borrowers, who had changed the bank with the follow-up financing, it shows up that these could save clearly. The costs for a bank change are with the best offerers far under 1.000 euros. On the other hand, you can take interest rate advantages of 0.20 percent or more with a debt restructuring. This interest advantage seems to be small; but over the entire term of a loan a saving potential of four or even five digit amounts is possible.

Follow-up financiers are lucrative customers for all banks.

Follow-up financiers are particularly attractive customers for banks. On the one hand, they have proven that they have mastered the initial financing and are not in arrears with payments. In most cases, the income situation has also improved, additional assets have been built up in parallel and the property is worth more than at the start of the initial financing due to the current real estate boom. In addition, most properties are therefore better valued and offer higher collateral, which in turn affects the interest rate. These reasons speak for the fact that follow-up financiers are gladly seen new customers with banks. That strengthens in any case the own negotiating position.

Banks are highly interested in obtaining as many follow-on financing or. Realize debt rescheduling. That is why some credit providers now also offer the free change of bank, because they take over, for example, the fees for the land register entry. D. H. The borrower can change so without further costs the bank. Of course, it is always necessary to check whether these few hundred euros, which the bank puts down for it, are refinanced by a higher offered interest rate. In order to keep the overview, you switch on best a bank-independent baufianzierungsvermittler like the ACCEDO, which have a daily updated overview of 400 banks and their offers.

Save with follow-up financing and debt rescheduling – ask a construction financing broker now.

In order to obtain optimal offers for debt restructuring from as many banks as possible, the construction financing intermediary is always the first port of call. The best have daily updated access to over 400 baunfinanzierungsangebote of regional banks as well as supraregional lenders. The specialists do not escape in such a way a particularly good offer. Together you can then decide which offers to choose and how they best fit into an individual follow-up financing concept.

Anyone can cancel the loan after 10 years to accept a better offer!

A special tool is available to borrowers whose initial financing is fixed for more than 10 years. All borrowers have a special right of termination ten years after full disbursement of the loan. Almost half of the borrowers do not know about this possibility that they can cancel these long-term contracts with 6 months' notice without further reasons. Especially for these a follow-up financing and rescheduling pays off. Because 10 years ago, the average interest rate was 3.5 percent or more. Therefore all, which serve up-to-date such a credit with long term, should inform immediately about follow-up financing and rescheduling of debts. After all, who knows how long the current extremely favorable interest rates will remain in effect?.

A particularly elegant solution: already 12 months before expiration of the erstfinanzierung free of charge lock the follow-up financing.

The keyword for this is: provision interest-free time. Today, some banks allow follow-up financing as early as 12 months before the initial financing expires without any additional costs. The special advantage: so you can have the current mini-interest already 12 months before the start of the follow-up financing fixed. Because banks that guarantee a 12-month interest-free period do not charge any interest surcharges for this lead time. This legitimate trick helps you to continue financing particularly favorably.

Use the free consultation offers of respectable baufinanzierungsvermittler

So if you start looking at follow-up financing 18 to 20 months before the initial financing expires, you have plenty of time to consider the many options for follow-up financing. In addition to the interest rate and the question of the best provider, there is also enough time to answer other essential questions.

  • Should one increase the repayment rate, in order to be faster debt-free? Since you save money due to the low interest rate, you can put that savings into a higher repayment without making the monthly payment more expensive.
  • If your income situation has improved so that you can easily afford a higher monthly installment consisting of interest and repayments? How you can also become debt-free more quickly. And getting out of debt faster always saves the most money on the bottom line.
  • Can you get higher cost-free unscheduled repayment rights to service the loan faster in the event of inheritance or expected money from disposals off schedule?
  • Does it necessarily have to be an annuity loan? Or are for your financial situation possibly combination loans more ziefuhrender?

Who has now enough time, can discuss these questions in peace with a versierte baufinanzierungsberater. The goal for follow-up financing and debt rescheduling is clear: to obtain a follow-up loan more quickly and at a lower cost. To repay the remaining debt. Use therefore the consulting offers and the time. This is the best way to negotiate with banks for follow-up financing and debt restructuring.

Mini-interest and Corona times: Inform now about Forwarddarlehen, if one needs in at the latest 36 months a follow-up financing

A forward loan can be interesting in the current interest rate environment. Inform now if you have to refinance in the next 3 years.