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Apartment search: how to find the right rental apartment?

Advertisements: the classic search for real estate also works online. Unlike print ads, tenants can access more information about the rental property directly. The housing exchange budenheld.De is the first port of call for many tenants in germany when it comes to finding an apartment. The budenheld does not limit itself to small texts for the displayed rental objects, but also provides you directly with the appropriate photos and a detailed object description.

Want ad: the bodenheld connects tenants and landlords. Not only landlords can use budenheld to advertise their properties, but tenants can also be found by landlords. This allows tenants to be approached by landlords before the apartment is offered to other prospective tenants on the apartment exchanges. Tenants should therefore make their want ad personal, informative and creative. Then the budenheld finds the suitable dwelling for you.

Watch list: on the way to work quickly looked for and found an apartment on budenheld? But just no time for a proper apartment application? No problem. The budenheld stores the interesting apartments in a watch list, which are stored in your personal profile quickly findable.

Search order: apartment hunters do not have to search for apartments themselves on budenheld every day. The most convenient way for apartment hunting is to create a search request. Then, according to your search profile (location, number of rooms, rental price), you will receive suitable rental apartments for free from budenheld directly to your email inbox.

Which rental apartment suits me?

Find the perfect rental apartment now with Budenheld!

Only those who know what they are looking for can find what they need. Before any apartment hunt, you face the question: which apartment is right for me? What and how much you really need and in which apartment you feel comfortable is the first step to the perfect apartment. Often, however, your preferences change during the first apartment inspections. Some things suddenly become less important and others increase in importance. The following general points of your new dream dwelling you should already decide rudimentarily for you with the housing search:

Housing types

  • Maisonette apartment: derived from the french maisonette, "small house," a two-story rental apartment within an apartment building is called a maisonette in german. Often the apartments are located on the upper floor, the second living level is then in the converted attic floor.
  • Floor apartment: floor apartments have the entire living space on one level. All rooms are consequently on the same level, in contrast to the maisonette apartment.
  • Apartment: the term has two meanings: on the one hand, it can mean a normal apartment, often with upscale amenities, and on the other hand, it can mean a granny apartment. A granny apartment is a small additional apartment with its own entrance within a large single-family house.
  • Loft: rented apartment with generous space in former warehouses or industrial buildings. Warehouses and industrial buildings have often been converted into upscale living spaces.
  • Penthouse apartment: detached, luxurious apartment with a view, built on the roof of a house.
  • Terrace apartment: apartment with an extensive terrace.

Old building or new building?

There is no generally valid definition for the term old building. While the distinction between new and used cars is clear in the case of cars, an occupied property is not necessarily an old building. The definition of old and new buildings is therefore not always clearly separable. As a rule, houses built after 1945 and renovated old buildings are called new buildings. The term "old building" includes all buildings that were built before 1945. Sometimes you can also find residential buildings that were built between 1945 and 1980, which are also called old buildings.

Furnishing of the rented apartment

The furnishing of your own rental apartment is important and should fit your living situation. Only then can you feel comfortable in the long run. As a first clue, apartment seekers should narrow down the search criteria to the number of rooms and the living area. Both criteria depend significantly on the number of residents in the apartment. If you are expecting offspring, you should already plan for more living space.

Important for the number of rooms: bathroom, kitchen, basement room and balcony are not listed as rooms. In the advertisements on budenheld.Only the bedroom, children's room, living room and other rooms with the purpose of living or sleeping are counted as rooms.

If the required number of rooms and the living space are fixed, you can start looking for an apartment at the budenheld.De look for further equipment characteristics:

  • Fitted kitchen
  • Bathroom with window
  • Bathroom with tub
  • Garage/parking space
  • Basement
  • Commission-free
  • Passenger elevator
  • Garden/balcony/terrace
  • Renovated/refurbished
  • Barrier-free/for seniors
  • Pets allowed

How much rent do you want to pay?

The assessment of how much rent you want to pay is almost impossible to answer flatly. A good indication of the affordability of the rental apartment is your net household income in relation to the rental price. One speaks of a 30 percent rule. For example, if you earn 2000 euros net as a single person, then your apartment can be 600 euros warm. In urban centers like munich, however, this rarely works out. In attractive residential areas, singles in particular often have to spend up to 50 percent of their net income on housing.

Therefore, it must be mentioned again at this point that it is of course impossible to make sweeping and generally valid statements. Each household must be considered separately and has a different amount available for rent depending on its size, income, expenses, place of residence and other personal factors.

Contact the landlord or agent

With your contact request via the budenheld you get in contact with your landlord for the first time. For the first impression there is then usually no second chance. Already on the basis of the incoming messages the offerer will filter out the housing applications most attractive for it. Especially in big cities, landlords often have a large selection of potential tenants. With a well-structured and meaningful request, you can positively stand out from others and thus increase the chances of a viewing.

Off to view the apartment: this is to be considered

You have arranged a viewing appointment, so the rental contract already seems within reach. But before that, you should be very attentive when viewing the apartment and also ask questions so that you don't get annoyed after signing the contract. You should pay attention to the following points before visiting the apartment:

  1. Arrange a single viewing
  2. View in daylight
  3. Set the appointment during rush hour
  4. Take a friend or family member with you
  5. Take your own photos of the apartment

When visiting the apartment, you should also clarify some questions for yourself. You should not necessarily discuss all issues with the landlord or. Clarify broker. Many of the questions can already be experienced in the expose. All unresolved issues should be clarified during the inspection of the apartment or before signing the contract:

  • How much is the basic rent??
  • How high are the additional costs?
  • What is included in the service charges?
  • What belongs to the common area?
  • Enough electrical outlets available in the right places?
  • Good condition of windows and doors?
  • Is there enough storage space?
  • Where is the washing machine connection?
  • Can bathroom and kitchen be well ventilated?
  • Must be renovated?
  • Are mold or water stains visible?
  • What kind of heating is used?
  • If you hear noises from the neighboring apartment?
  • Who still lives in the house?
  • Barbecue allowed on the balcony?
  • Does the fitted kitchen belong to the apartment?
  • Is there cable or satellite connection for the television set?
  • If you have the energy certificate?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • Is the location suitable for you?

To ensure that no important detail is lost in the stress during the apartment inspection, you should prepare a checklist with the most important points. You can download a template for free in our guide to the homebuyer checklist.

Rental agreement – it all depends

A lease is often written in a complicated way. But who rents an apartment, often can not get around the signature on a lease agreement. A lease agreement is concluded in writing between the owner and tenant.

The following information is usually part of a rental agreement: names of tenant(s) and landlord, cold rent and advance payments for utilities, planned rent increases, details of the apartment (number of rooms, square footage, address, with rented rooms such as basements or attics.), beginning of the lease (date) and information on whether the lease is temporary or permanent.

Checklist lease agreement – in a lease agreement, you should pay attention to the following content:

  • Full address of the landlord named in the lease agreement?
  • Are also co-leased ancillary spaces such as basement and garage accurately named and described?
  • Is the apartment size listed in the lease?
  • If the right to use the yard and garden was included in the lease agreement?
  • Are parking facilities or the pitch listed in the rental contract?
  • Rent level appropriate?
  • Are rent increases planned for the next few years (graduated rent, index-linked rent)??
  • Do the peculiarities of the rent brake apply? Were you informed about the rent of the previous tenant without request?
  • Is the rental agreement for an indefinite or limited period of time??
  • Has a minimum rental period been agreed (exclusion of termination clause)??
  • Which additional costs are incurred by you as a tenant? Were named in the rental contract?
  • Is the keeping of animals allowed or forbidden in the tenancy agreement??
  • On moving out: has the procedure been taken up with a subsequent tenant in the event of a premature wish to move out?
  • Are costs for small repairs charged to the tenant by a clause?
  • If the landlord has created a right of access to the apartment?
  • Was the elimination of any defects by the landlord recorded before the lease began?
  • Has a winter maintenance obligation been included?
  • Has a separate rental agreement been drawn up for a garage or underground parking space?? Can this be terminated by the landlord separately from the residential lease agreement?
  • Does the lease obligate the tenant to make regular cosmetic repairs?
  • May the tenant also use the residential premises for the performance of a trade ("professional use")?
  • Can you sublet the apartment during an extended stay abroad?
  • If a notice of termination due to own need was recorded?
  • What structural changes may the tenant make?
  • How much is the rent deposit? How is the rental deposit invested?
  • Who takes care of the garden when a garden is included in the lease? May the tenant design the garden according to his wishes?

You want to cancel your old lease? Then, you can use a free template for your apartment notice on WBS apartment.De download.

Plan a move

You want to plan a move? Then you should definitely create a checklist. For this you can use the existing moving checklist on the internet and expand it with your personal todo's.

Rent apartments without commission

Since june 2015, the so-called "bestellerprinzip" has applied to rental apartments in germany. That is, the one who appointed the broker is responsible for paying commission. Landlords often commission an agent to broker rental apartments. In this case there are no costs/brokerage fees for tenants. It is also possible for tenants to commission an estate agent to find a suitable apartment. In case of a successful conclusion, the tenant (client) pays the commission to the broker.

As a rule of thumb, whoever hires the agent to find or market a rental apartment pays the commission!

Inexpensive apartments outside the city center

Compare inexpensive apartments. Without commission

In large cities, rents and purchase prices have risen sharply. Many families have long since been unable to afford the rising housing prices in the city. "Out to the country" is therefore the motto for many young families. Often the purchase prices and rents there are up to half cheaper than within the city. City dwellers are happy to accept a daily commute of 40-60 minutes to work in exchange.

The following important points should be considered before moving to the countryside.

Is the suburbs really cheaper??

As a rule, the speckgurtel is significantly cheaper than the city center. In exceptional cases, such as z.B. In munich grunwald and the starnberger see the prices can also quickly become more expensive than in the city center of munich itself due to the exclusivity.

How good are the transport links??

If you want to live a little outside, then you should make sure that an expressway or highway is accessible to you. Properties and apartments near train stations with direct connections to the city center are also particularly popular. Sometimes it may be better for you to switch to public transport when you have a good connection.

The rent brake

More transparency for tenants. Landlords are required to inform prospective tenants if they have a specific exemption from the rent control law when renting to a new tenant. This must be done in writing. If this information is not provided, affected tenants can insist on repayment of the overpaid comparative rent. As a rule, the last 2 years are used for this purpose and an amount which is 10 percent above the comparative rent. A prominent example of rent control is the german capital berlin.

What to consider in cities with a rent brake in force?

Information on this can be found in our free fact sheet, "acceptable rent levels at the start of tenancy". In this regard, if landlords need to educate a new tenant about the current rent control law, you can simply use the free "permissible rent levels at the start of tenancy" template to do so. If you want to fill in a printout, you can first download the file to your computer, describe the data with your data and then print it out.

Public housing

Apartment seekers need a wohnberechtigungsschein (WBS) to move into a publicly subsidized apartment (social housing), which is also known as a paragraph 5 certificate, paragraph 8 certificate and B certificate. The owners of publicly subsidized housing have received discounted loans. In return, the landlords undertake to make part of their apartment available to low-income households at a special rate.

Check eligibility for social housing

The wohnberechtigungsschein is the official proof that you meet the requirements for a social apartment. The requirements for a wohnberechtigungsschein are set differently in each state by the state governments. With the WBS calculator you can check if you meet the requirements for social housing.

Frequent searches

  • 1-room apartments
  • 2 room apartments
  • 3 room apartments
  • From 4 rooms apartments
  • Rent a house

Apartments for rent

  • Cheap apartment
  • Apartment from private
  • Apartment up to 400€
  • Apartment up to 500€
  • Apartment up to 600€
  • Apartment up to 800€
  • Apartment up to 1000€ (WBS apartment.En)

Interesting types of apartments:

  • Barrier-free apartment
  • Senior apartments
  • New building apartment
  • Shared apartment, shared room
  • Furnished apartment
  • Apartment
  • First floor apartment
  • Garden apartment
  • Terrace apartment
  • Attic apartment
  • Maisonette
  • Loft-studio-atelier
  • Condominium
  • Apartment
  • Residential real estate
  • Shared apartment
  • Fitting room
  • Rent a room
  • Basement apartment
  • Furnished living
  • Commission-free apartment
  • Old building apartment
  • Single apartment
  • Student apartment

Frequently asked questions about finding a rental apartment:

The first place to look for your apartment should be the apartment exchanges in daily newspapers and apartment exchanges on the internet. In the daily newspaper you can always find real insider tips from regional landlords. On the other hand you have a wider choice of rental properties at wohnungsborse.
Now rent apartment on the housing exchange budenheld.De find.

The best time for your apartment search is winter. In fact, many prefer a move date in february, march or april. Statistically, most moves in germany take place in the springtime.
Find your dream apartment now with budenheld.

Sometimes it can go fast, but in some circumstances you may be looking for a longer time. There are two decisive factors for the duration of your apartment search: first, the city in which you are searching plays a major role. For example, you'll probably search longer in munich than in a village in mecklenburg-western pomerania. The second factor and the most underestimated is the selection of the right housing exchange and the quality of the documents for the apartment application. An appealing apartment application noticeably shortens the time needed to find an apartment, even in tight real estate markets.
Approach realtors and landlords now with the perfect apartment application.