Professional consultation up to the full financing: house building made easy

Credit offers there are in the internet like sand at the sea. But which offer is right for me? Even if interest rates have been consistently low for years: credit is not equal to credit. Professionals like us at CIOS know what you should consider, what government subsidies are available and what the most favorable financing looks like. We as credit mediators with seat in vechta provide for individual loan concepts, which function, and advise also to the full financing for the building of houses.

Credits, credits, credits – but which one fits?

Most families who want to buy and finance residential property do so exactly once in their lives. Because the purchase of real estate is a decision with very far-reaching consequences. As a rule, one commits oneself to a credit institution for decades. And there the conditions with the conditions and life plans of the buyers must fit together. No two loans are alike, because the general conditions are as different as the people themselves. Amount of equity and income, number of children, financial obligations, personal ideas of security and flexibility in a loan – all these are aspects that significantly influence the loan conditions. And then the conditions, which a concrete real estate brings along, come still in addition: land and property price, location, size and, in the case of existing properties, age, energy efficiency and condition. These aspects also play a major role.

For some years now, online comparison portals have been offering credit customers support in choosing a loan right through to full financing. The building of houses and the acquisition of existing properties is not necessarily easier with these automated portals, however, because the variety of offers makes an overview difficult, special financing concepts tailored to the customer do not exist, because only off-the-shelf financing is offered here. In addition, an extensive personal cost calculation is not taken from the homebuyer.
We as new building pilots, which are specialized for 16 years in germany in the new building financing and successfully loans for house and dwelling buyers find and on the way bring, are the CIOS. Banking and real estate consulting based in vechta, lower saxony, germany.

Independent construction finance consultants

Independent construction financing advisor for northern germany

We are an independent advisor and broker for construction financing and real estate loans. Independence is a key requirement for mediation, because only advisors who are not bound to any bank or other financial service provider can find and mediate the most favorable rate on behalf of the respective customer. Many credit customers rely on the house bank with the choice of their credit and give away thereby sometimes many thousands euro. Because the bank mediates naturally only own credit products – and these are not the most favorable in many cases. Independent advice focuses solely on the specific case of each customer. How to avoid conflicts of interest.

What belongs now to a professional and successful credit consultation in addition? The beginning makes naturally an extensive analysis of the actual condition. What is my desired rate? How much equity capital do I have available, or do I need full financing?? With the building of houses I need an overview of all costs – which comes at purchase and additional expenses on me? Which state subsidies can I use? Particularly in this area, there has been a lot of change in the recent past. For example, since july 2021, there is the possibility of taking advantage of a federal grant for efficient buildings (BEG). Here beckons a loan of 150.000 euros plus repayment assistance of up to 37.500 euros or alternatively a subsidy of 37.500 euros for the building project. In addition, there are various federal and state funds that can be used, for example, for energy optimization.

Loans up to full financing for home construction and inventory purchase

Building loans are usually made up of various components. And these building blocks not only have different interest rates, but also different conditions in terms of terms, repayment percentage or the possibility of building in unscheduled repayments. All of this needs to be calculated in advance, because the devil is often in the details. It is not uncommon for builders and buyers to give away a great deal of money as a result. Often, the total costs including all ancillary construction costs are not sufficiently taken into account, so there is money missing from the outset and a currently particularly important detail in new construction financing namely the provision-free time of a loan, is added. Because construction schedules currently tend to extend by as much as 12 months in the wake of material shortages and tradesmen shortages, financing schedule bottlenecks are a recurring occurrence – sometimes resulting in uncomfortably high additional costs and duplicate charges. Here, too, it is important to take care in advance that there are no unpleasant side effects. We, the CIOS new pilots have all these aspects in mind and have already experienced all eventualities due to the experience gained since 2005. This valuable expertise has saved many loan customers a rude awakening. Whether partial, follow-up or full financing, whether house construction, purchase of existing property or renovation: the CIOS. Offers professional advice and independent brokerage for real estate purchases throughout germany.

We, the experts from CIOS based in vechta, lower saxony, find the optimal construction financing tailored to each individual case. We as a loan broker offer our loan customers since 2005 an independent service up to the full financing for home construction and existing purchase.