Our instant loan comparison for austria

You need a loan quickly and easily, but do not want to do without the security of an austrian bank. Then you are right in our comparison of instant loans that you can take out directly online!

What is an instant loan?

An instant loan is an installment loan but has an important advantage. The lending process is faster, which is why it is often called a lightning loan. Often, within 24 hours of applying for a loan, you will receive confirmation that the loan amount has been approved. The application is almost always made online, the loan amount is in some cases already after 2 working days with you on the account.

Duration: up to 120 months

Loan amount: 3.000 euro until 65.000 euros

Loan amount: up to 1.500 euros

Available in just 5 minutes

Mini loan – very short term

Loan amount: up to 1.500 €

Term: up to 120 months

Loan amount: 3.000 euro up to 50.000 euros

What conditions can you currently expect?

The terms of the loan, meaning interest rates and fees, depend primarily on your credit score. These can only be accurately determined after a no-obligation loan application is completed.

It is easier with the possible amount of credit and the term of credit.
Currently, most direct banks in austria offer a loan amount between 3.000 and about 65.000 to. Over 65.000 euros is no longer necessarily called an instant loan, as these sums are then more likely to be needed for real estate financing.
Loan offers don't vary much in terms of terms, either. You can expect to repay your loan within 12-120 months, which is one to ten years.

Here for you the procedure for applying for an instant loan explained step by step:

  1. After you have selected a provider (we recommend the comparison of several providers), they make a non-binding loan application online, which is of course free of charge for you.
  2. You will receive an offer from the bank within a few hours or days. They usually receive this loan offer directly by email.
  3. If you are satisfied with the conditions, which of course also depend on your creditworthiness, you print out the loan agreement, sign it and send it back to the bank. With some banks you have the possibility to confirm your data with the so-called "online legitimation". Additional documents, such as pay slips or bank account receipts, are often required.
  4. In the case of a positive decision, you will have the money in your account only a short time later.

Important terms:

You should know the following terms if you want to compare a loan in austria. It is always advisable to get several quotes, and pay attention to the additional costs. Especially with an installment loan, you can avoid unnecessary costs with a comparison.

Term explanation
loan rate the monthly amount you repay to the bank. This consists of the repayment and the interest. In most cases, the loan rate remains constantly high during the term of the loan.
Interest fixed or variable loan interest they pay to the bank during the term.
Duration the time in months in which the loan amount will be repaid in full. In austria, between 12 and 120 months are currently common.
Incidental expenses all costs that arise with a loan, such as the processing fee or expenses.
Total burden the total amount you pay back to the bank in total. This results from the credit sum and the additional costs.
Availability shows how quickly they can expect the money in your account.
Loan amount the amount paid out in euros.

interest instant loan

It is important to calculate the interest burden precisely, especially in the case of immediate loans

Where can I apply for this loan?

While branch banks often take weeks to get a loan approval or
-rejection occurs, and it can take longer even with a personal loan, with an instant loan only a few days pass between application and the loan amount being made available. Some banks in austria even offer the loan with immediate payment, which means that you often have your money on the same day on the account.

These loans are often made by direct banks – which refers to banks that communicate with their customers over the internet or phone (z.B. Santander, easybank, SWK etc.). In the meantime, however, there are also well-known austrian institutions, such as erste bank or BAWAG, which offer you this form of fast financing.

While at the branch bank each loan application is reviewed personally and individually, direct banks use a standardized procedure to process loan applications. This standard procedure makes it possible to calculate the interest rate on a loan. -cancellation possible within shortest time.

Tip: use a loan comparison when choosing offers. In the process, a loan calculator evaluates all the important data for you, and calculates the best loan for you.

How to apply for an instant loan?

credit application fast

A loan application is processed quickly online and the money is also quickly in the account

  1. Fill out and submit pre-draft form on website
    after checking the terms and conditions on the bank's website, the loan can be applied for directly using the appropriate form on the website. There, all personal key data such as name, place of residence, occupation, income, marital status and children, payment obligations as well as the information on the loan itself, i.E. Desired loan amount and term, are entered. The information must of course be truthful. After the check, which usually takes between five minutes and a day depending on the provider, a – preliminary – credit approval or credit rejection is issued.
  2. Print loan application
    the system now creates a written offer. This can now either be saved on your own PC and printed out, or the bank will send the offer to you. The documents must now be filled out and signed. Most providers additionally ask for proof of income, such as.B. Pay stubs or bank statements.
  3. Send application to the bank
    the completed application must now be sent to the bank address provided, along with proof of income. To be able to determine the identity of the applicant, the postident procedure is used. For this purpose the borrower in spe is presented at a post office branch, the post office official identifies the person on the basis of the identity card.
  4. Final approval or rejection
    now the application together with the supporting documents is checked by a staff member and the final loan approval or rejection is made. The customer receives the final contract, which now needs to be signed and returned. Subsequently, the loan amount will be disbursed within a few days to the specified account. Phone contact is often available for questions.

What should I look for when taking out a loan?

euro bills

Fast money – short-term financing

Don't worry, the well-known austrian direct banks, such as z.B. Easybank or the ING-diba are absolutely reputable – they are subject to the same banking supervisory regulations as branch banks (z.B. Equity ratio).

In fact, many direct banks can offer attractive loan terms because of their lean structure (communication via the internet, fewer staff, fewer branches).

Nonetheless, just as with conventional loans, it is also important to carefully examine the following subsections of instant loans:

  • What is the effective interest rate?
  • Are there any processing or account management fees?? If so, how high are these?
  • Are free special payments possible?
  • What happens if I default on an installment?
  • Is a one-time installment suspension possible?
  • Do I have to take out residual debt insurance? If so, how expensive is this?

Customers or. Future borrowers should take enough time to compare interest rates and also read the fine print in the contract.