Microsoft office tools and templates for the academic year

Microsoft Office tools and templates for the academic year

Could you use some help during the school year? Check out these school tools and templates for planning, budgeting, writing and more.

Whether you're well into the semester or about to start a new year, it's never too late to use tools to stay on track with school. From planners and calendars to budget and essay templates, we have a list of microsoft office college tools to help you throughout the school year.

Schedule and planner

Keep track of homework and meetings with schedules that help you plan ahead. These planners let you know what you need to do and when you have free time.

With this college yearly calendar, you add all your meetings and events on one tab and then show your free and hectic times on the yearly planner. As a bonus, you can see your day right away.

Calendar of the college year

Homework plan

Illustrated academic calendar

Download or use in word online: academic calendar

Course and credit manager

Make sure you're on track with the number of credits and courses you need to complete your degree. Use one of these excel templates to plan and track your requirements.

For an all-inclusive tool to help you manage your schedule, book list, credits, GPA and budget, check out this college course coordinator. They have separate tabs for an easy way to add, review and track your items. Plan your daily schedule, see your GPA and overall progress toward your degree, and log income and expenses to stay within your budget.

Director of studies of the university

Download or use in excel for the web: university study program director

If you prefer an easy way to keep track of your course results, this template is ideal. List each course with graduation requirements, number of credits and semester. Look at the semester overview, which includes the number of credits and courses. And use the planner for your entire college career.

College Loan Planner

APA and MLA style sheets

It can be daunting to meet all the requirements and follow the guidelines for APA and MLA paperwork formats. But with these microsoft word templates, you can get off to a good start.

APA templates

This first APA template is a good option because it provides instructions and examples with proper formatting. You will see how to use headings, add references, structure tables and captions.

APA style paper

As above, this APA template is also available for download and contains many instructions in its 10 pages. From the abstract to the title and headings to the appendix, references, and footnotes, you'll learn exactly how to format your paper.