Lombard loan and securities loan – what is the difference??

Lombard loan and securities loan - what's the difference?

The lombardkredit is like the securities loan a loan, which is granted against pledged collateral. A classic example is the securities loan offered by the custodian bank to the customer. The lombard loan was used a long time ago in lombardy to secure loans against pledges. This is where the name comes from.

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But what is the difference between a lombard loan, a securities loan and a securities loan??

The securities loan is secured by the securities account balance

The securities loan is a loan, which takes the deposit as collateral. So you have the option to borrow against your securities and use them as collateral for the loan. Both the lombard loan and the securities loan can be securities loans. The peculiarity lies in the fact that for the granting of a securities loan not necessarily a schufa query is carried out. With the deposits of comdirect and onvista, the prior query at the schufa is waived.

The lombard loan can be a securities loan

A securities loan is provided as a line of credit on a securities account. The purpose, however, is that this credit line must be used for the purchase of further securities. The loan amount is secured by lien on existing securities. However, the deposit can only be pledged up to a certain value, the full amount is not possible. The amount of the loan depends on the broker on the one hand, and on the type of securities on the other hand.

Due to the collateralization by shares, funds or other securities, the securities loan is a lombard loan (also called securities lombard loan).

The lombard loan is designed for free use

If the collateral loan is not intended as a securities collateral loan, you do not have to use it to buy securities. So you can also use it to balance your checking account, pay for a vacation, or do other debt restructuring. If the lombard loan is granted to you as a securities loan on your securities account, it is secured by your securities portfolio. However, there are more ways to secure your loan. This is also possible with real estate.