Loans and credits for your wedding

Wedding Loan

Borrow money easily for your wedding this year and enjoy a wonderful day

Your wedding is the biggest day of your life, until you become a parent for the first time. It is a day you will never forget. For many couples, this is the beginning of life together and a new stage in their lives. It's a big event and it's not something you decide on in a few minutes. Every year, many germans hire a professional organizer or even a wedding planner to plan and organize the big day. It costs a little money to hire professional help for the party, but it gives you the unique opportunity to enjoy yourself with your guests instead of having to keep an eye on everything during the party.

Many credits for weddings and honeymoons

In germany, it is common to borrow money for various events that usually require advance payments. This way, you can afford to live as you please for a period of time after the big party without having to cut back because of the wedding. Just like, for example, buying a house or an apartment.

The honeymoon is in many cases particularly expensive, because you do not want to save on anything on the trip and at the same time it is the highlight of the wedding celebration that you as a bride and groom will go on a luxury trip. The vast majority of people who borrow money for their honeymoon compare online offers and find a low-interest offer that fits their situation.

You can save a lot of money by spending some time comparing rates and applying for multiple loans. It is completely free and does not oblige you to accept that wedding loan for the party and the following honeymoon at the credit institution. You can compare the different credit offers at your leisure and accept the most favorable one.

With more applications, you will receive more customized offers from the different loan providers and now you can take the best loan with the lowest interest rate and the best conditions.

A quick and easy way to save money and it only takes a few clicks here on the site to place the credit request and get your quotes.

Plan your wedding carefully and create a budget

If you've read our entire guide to wedding planning and financing, you've probably already seen the benefit of using the internet as much as possible throughout the process.

As with any other investment or financing, it's a good idea to first write down what you dream of and how you want the big day to go. After you have a good overview of what you are about, the next thing you need to do is set a budget for the wedding.

Although marriage can come as a nice surprise out of the blue, there is no reason to have a wedding right away. With a little planning in advance, you can save a lot of money on your wedding. Venue rentals as well as event space and catering prices are often a bit cheaper if you book in advance. In addition, there is also more choice if you take care of the venue, food and entertainment well in advance. Especially for weddings, popular restaurants and good djs are booked up well in advance. You can also save a lot of money on the honeymoon if you book early. If you plan six months or a year in advance, you can usually save up to 50% on flights and hotel.

It makes the wedding a bit more affordable and gives you room for other elements of a dream wedding if you start planning early. A dream wedding runs into money and yet you don't want to skimp on this unique occasion. However, you can get much more for the same budget if you plan well and get different quotes for everything from loan financing to a hotel bridal suite.

Top 3 tips for you if you're getting married soon:

Plan early and save big bucks

Get multiple quotes for everything. From wedding financing (loans and credits) to catering and honeymoon, get the best deal by comparing.

Create a budget for your wedding

Consider the following in your wedding budget:

  • Wedding rings
  • Groom's wedding dress and suit (don't forget the jewelry!)
  • The wedding party with the rental of premises, catering, musicians and the like
  • Decoration (flower decoration is very expensive!)
  • Photographer, hairdresser and make-up artist
  • Ride of the bride and groom in a limousine or carriage
  • Guest gifts
  • Honeymoon

Set priorities for the wedding

Even if you take out a large loan for your wedding, it is rarely possible to completely fulfill all your wishes. A wedding is expensive and you have to make many decisions. How many people will be invited? Where the wedding will take place? How many courses will be served? Where will the honeymoon go? All these questions need to be answered. Think carefully about what is most important to you and invest your money there. The possibilities are endless but unfortunately your credit is not. And even the best wedding loan has to be paid back at some point.

Just borrow money for the wedding dress and look amazing on your big day

Getting married is the biggest and most important day of our lives for many of us. It is also the happiest and most festive day that needs to be celebrated properly. Looking back, the day should put a smile on your face and you should have spent a happy day with everyone.

Germans are very aware of what it takes to have a perfect wedding. Wedding is one of the things for which we borrow money online the most. It is an expensive pleasure to invite all your friends and family to your wedding and nothing should be spared. We want to have the perfect wedding and since we assume that it is the only time in our lives that we get married, this should be an incomparable celebration of our love.

The wedding dress is the most important thing

When you get married, there are countless things to keep in mind. There are many expenses coming up that you will have to pay for the perfect wedding and the best day of your life. Rooms, music, photographer and last but not least the catering company have to be booked to bring the food and drinks. Menus, flowers and waiters need to be arranged so that the guests can have a wonderful day and evening.

The most important thing for every woman is probably the wedding dress, in which she will say yes to her husband. It must fit perfectly and have the right style as well as cut. To make it perfect, you need time, expert advice and a good tailor for customizations.

It is not easy to find the perfect wedding dress. It needs to be fitted by a dressmaker to get the perfect fit for your body and curves. It's an expensive investment, but definitely worth the money when you get to stand in front of the pastor and say "yes" to your chosen one in front of all your family, friends and girlfriends.

The wedding dress is one of the things we spend most of the wedding budget on. Often it is also the one for which we are looking for easy credits to buy it and get the dress that we have dreamed about. Fortunately, you can easily and quickly find the right loan to finance the dress of your dreams, even if it costs a little more than you expected. It is often the case that we want everything to be perfect and of course it costs a little to make the dream come true. Fortunately, however, the memories and love last forever.

Tips for honeymoon you have always dreamed of

Credit for honeymoon

Honeymoon is an important part of the wedding for many people. You make a unique trip that you will never forget again. You treat yourself to things you wouldn't otherwise be able to afford. This is fine and you should enjoy this moment. Many germans go on safari in africa, fly far away to australia or america, take a longer vacation or book a luxurious hotel in the maldives or mauritius. This is exactly what a honeymoon is for. Relax alone with your new spouse after all the wedding stress.

A simple, low-interest loan for your honeymoon

  • Book as soon as possible and take advantage of early booking discounts
  • Ask for special offers for honeymooners
  • Take out a loan so you don't have to miss out on your honeymoon. In this case, we recommend that you compare the different loans carefully. Use our loan calculator for this purpose.
  • Do not forget to also plan for the costs that will be incurred on site. A museum, cocktails, the rental car and the boat trip all cost extra.

Financing the marriage in a clever and uncomplicated way

Getting married in germany is expensive. At least if it is to be done right with a big party, beautiful dresses and last but not least a honeymoon you will remember for the rest of your life. When you decide to get married, it is usually because you have found the love of your life and want to live together for the rest of your days. With this in mind, it is important to design your wedding exactly the way you want it and not skimp on the celebration of love. After all, you will celebrate this festival only once.

The memories will last forever and you will regret it if your finances would have stood in the way of the wedding you have always wanted.

There are several solutions to afford the big party. Many today are choosing to finance their wedding, including the honeymoon. Often, the many options for low-interest loans and credits on the internet are the best solution when you simply need money to celebrate their love.

What does a wedding cost?

A wedding in germany costs an average of 13,000 euros.

A study shows that germans spend on average 13,000 euros on their wedding and many people let it cost considerably more. No wonder, considering that for the vast majority it is the biggest party of their lives. A simple loan for the wedding can be a good solution for many who are preparing for the big day.

There are many expenses associated with a wedding and few people have that much money in their bank account. It is therefore common to borrow the money to finance one's wedding and then pay back the loan over several months afterwards.

If they have to save the money in advance, not many germans would hold a wedding like they dream of. Paying off a loan every month is much easier than having to save up for several months until the big day. Saving money is a hard discipline and almost always unexpected costs arise when you try to save money for something.

You may also be tempted by new clothes or a new cell phone, throwing the whole plan out of whack again. This is exactly why so many people borrow the money instead of saving it themselves.