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Many young professionals and graduates from around the world are moving to berlin, hamburg or cologne to work specifically in german startups. Nourished by new ideas and an office scene eager for success, a vibrant, international and sophisticated job market has emerged. More and more founders throughout germany are taking the plunge to realize their innovative business model. In addition to business plans, financing or attracting investors, legal issues and interaction with attorneys are regularly on the agenda. The majority of the existence founders sets for it consciously on company by competent specialized lawyers.

Do you want to start a startup or are you already running one? We are happy to accompany you as an employment law attorney for startups to sustainable success!

From business plan to startup growth: attorney provides legal foundation

The profitable idea, pitch deck and business plan for the business model are in place? Investors are interested and financing appears possible? As soon as the pure business idea is to become reality, expertise from the legal perspective is required. For example, in the choice of corporate form or to secure trademarks or company names. It's best for startup founders to get a startup lawyer on your side right from the start, so that the very first cornerstones of the business are perfectly aligned.

Lawyer Startup

Even before hiring the first employees, the first labor law issues may arise: depending on the corporate form of the company foundation, it is necessary to determine, for example, how the salary of the managing directors will be, especially with regard to social security contributions.

At the latest as soon as the first employees become involved, be they interns, working students, full-time and part-time employees or, say, freelancers, it is advisable to consult an employment law attorney when drawing up contracts. The network of legal challenges formed for the startup or founders in the role of "employer" should not be underestimated and poses risks for one or two costly conflict situations.

Immediate help from your local employment law attorney

As employment law attorneys, we advise employees and employers on all employment law issues.
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Support from specialist lawyers with expertise in labor law

Our legal services for employment law include, but are not limited to:

  • Application
  • Vacation & illness
  • Warning letters
  • Termination agreement
  • Settlements
  • Testimonial
  • Maternity leave
  • Parental leave

In addition, social law concerns arise: for example, in the case of company audits or suspicion of bogus self-employment. If you hire freelancers, special attention is required for the situation. Contact our law firm for your legal questions to grow your start up from the foundation without worries thanks to a lawyer.

Participation models of your startup – options for employee participation

Employees who choose a particular startup as an employer usually identify strongly with the business idea and want their involvement to directly advance the company's success. At the same time, the startup scene is particularly fast-paced and it's rare for employees to stay with a startup for more than 3-5 years. A common challenge is retaining competent professionals – whether it's the accountant, social media manager or CTO.

One way to build stronger, long-term employee and management motivation and loyalty is through employee share ownership. For the legal design as well as implementation of the appropriate employee benefit plan for your startup by an attorney, you should specifically contact a specialist attorney for employment law.

Various participation models allow employees or management to participate noticeably in the economic success of the start-up in addition to their salary. For example, depending on the situation, employee shares, employee loans, variable compensation agreements, shares in limited liability companies or dormant equity holdings may be considered. Furthermore, virtual models (virtual stock options) or a separate employee stock ownership company are possible.

Or do you want to open up the possibility for your employees to have more co-decision rights? For generation Y in particular, rights to have a say can be the deciding factor in committing to a company for the long term.

Which options are best for your company will be determined by the legal form of your startup. Contact us for individual advice – whether you want to introduce an employee participation concept for the first time or adapt existing contracts in this respect.

Advice for all startup legal forms, respectively. Company forms

If your startup is successful, your legal responsibilities increase as your staff grows. Delegate professionally and let outstanding startup lawyers guide you on your journey to success. Whether you are setting up your business model in germany as a gbr, gmbh, UR, gmbh & co. KG or SE or already have an exit in mind: we will be happy to provide you with comprehensive support in all questions and processes relating to employment law and social law and look forward to receiving your inquiry.