Instant loan comparison: quickly apply for an online loan

If you urgently need a cash injection and can not wait long for the approval of your loan application, you should definitely carry out an instant loan comparison.

In fact, instant loans are approved and disbursed at lightning speed, provided you meet the necessary requirements. We'll show you in detail how an instant loan works and the important points you must consider in practice.

Instant loan

With an instant loan, there is no longer a long processing time and applicants can dispose of the loan amount in no time at all.

An instant loan works on the principle of the classic installment loan and must be repaid at the agreed times.

If you want to get an instant loan, it is essential that you make sure that your application is correct and that you provide all the necessary documents.

With german banking institutions, a schufa query is carried out beforehand, even with an instant loan.

To get instant credit, you must first verify yourself by postident or videoident. Without legitimation no commitment is possible.

You should always take the time to compare the different instant loans before applying so that you can secure the offers with the best terms and conditions.

Is the instant loan worth it?

First, we would like to clarify in our article the question of whether an instant loan is actually worthwhile in practice. In this context, of course, it is important to carefully consider the financial situation of each person.

Instant loans are especially suitable for applicants who need money urgently and can not wait for a longer processing time. However, the reasons for an instant loan comparison can be quite different.

The planning of the next vacation trip or also a fine to be paid directly are particularly frequent reasons in practice, which speak clearly for an immediate loan.

Often, an instant loan is needed to meet urgent payment obligations for which no more postponement is possible. This could be, for example, late rent payments or the monthly electricity bill.

On the other hand, instant loans are sometimes interesting to completely pay off much too expensive loans from the past and in this way save interest and other costs. Therefore, it can be worthwhile to compare instant loans with each other and choose a particularly attractive offer.

Instant credit can help with urgent payments that can't be pushed back any further.

A high fine or also accrued rent arrears are frequent motives thereby.

Also an expensive family vacation can be realized by an immediate loan in many cases.

Apply for instant credit

If you want to apply for an instant loan, you can do this directly online at many banking institutions. Here you have the possibility to fill in the application form directly on your computer and send it to the bank. In addition, there is often the possibility to upload the required documents directly, so that the postal route and thus a longer period of time until delivery can be saved.

Here it is always particularly important to provide only correct information and submit all requested documents, so that the application for an instant loan can be processed without delay by the credit institution.

Compare credits

Meanwhile, it has been our experience that there are quite a few banking institutions that provide instant loans for applicants. In advance, however, you should definitely compare different instant loans and check the conditions carefully. You should pay attention to the interest rate for repayment and the period of time you are given for complete repayment.

Here, the various offers can sometimes differ enormously from each other. So that you do not have to make a big financial effort in repayment, you should definitely make the instant loan comparison, even if you need the desired loan amount directly.

A loan online with instant approval without schufa, however, is in many cases associated with horrendous interest rates, so you should definitely enjoy these offers with caution.

Transmit data

In the case of an instant loan, I must of course go quickly and there should not be too much time in the country. For this reason, at the corresponding credit institutions with instant credit, you have the possibility of submitting all the required data directly via online form.

At this point, it is necessary to provide all the necessary information, so that there are no queries, which would only unnecessarily drag out the entire process. If further evidence is required from you, you can of course also submit this online.

A loan without proof of identity can unfortunately not be granted. This is always the fastest way to transfer data. In this way, it can be ensured that the instant loan is granted within the shortest possible time and a payment to your bank account is possible.

Receive a payout

As soon as all the necessary documents are received by the respective bank, the schufa query is carried out and it is checked whether the applicant can show a positive credit rating. If this check is positive, the instant loan is approved directly.

Afterwards, the payment will then be made to the checking account specified in the application. If there are no concerns, you will receive the payment within a very short time and can thus create new financial leeway for yourself.

The application documents can be sent directly online to the credit institution.

The application must be filled out completely and correctly to avoid prolonged processing.

Even with an instant loan, you must always expect a check of your own creditworthiness as well as a schufa query.

How does the instant approval work with the loan?

First of all, it should be clearly noted at this point that a loan with instant approval is intended for people who need money immediately and can not wait for longer processing. We would now like to explain to you in more detail how an instant loan actually works in practice.

At the same time, the application differs from a classic installment loan already at first glance. In case of an instant loan it is not necessary to visit the local branch of a bank.

You should always keep in mind that in addition to the application form, you may also be required to submit additional documents.

Therefore, pay particular attention to the completeness of all documents, so that there can be no annoying delays in further processing.

The advantage:

The complete application for an instant loan can be made conveniently via the online form of the respective bank. The form is then also transmitted online and can then be processed immediately.

In addition, it is necessary that you first carry out the legitimation and thus prove your identity. In principle, you can use both the video identification procedure and the postident procedure. However, since the videoident procedure is much faster, you should definitely choose this option when applying for an instant loan.

When applying for a loan, it is particularly important to provide all the required information.

It is imperative that the required documents are submitted in their entirety.

To speed up the process, the video identification procedure is recommended.

The legitimation of the instant loan

You're desperate to get an instant loan or even compare an instant loan without a credit report. Then you must be aware that you must also prove your identity to the bank. Without a valid legitimation can be granted namely also instant loans at no time. For this reason, we would like to show you two different options to complete the legitimation quickly and purposefully.

On the one hand, you can use the classic postident procedure for legitimization when applying for a loan. To do this, you must first download the postident coupon of the respective bank and print it out on your computer. The postident coupon is already personalized. Then you have to go with this coupon and your ID card in a branch of deutsche post.

You have to confirm your identity.

Options: postident or videoident procedure.

We recommend the faster videoident process.

Take into account that the legitimation by postident procedure is possible only in conjunction with a valid passport. If, on the other hand, your identity card has expired, the check cannot be carried out successfully. The employee at the post office then confirms your identity on the postident coupon against presentation of your valid ID card and then transmits the data to the credit institution so that the processors have direct access.

On the other hand, you can also use the videoident procedure for the legitimation of an instant loan. With this option, you are connected directly with your webcam or camera on your smartphone with an employee. Also with this variant you must have a valid identity card.

The legitimation by videoident procedure is according to our experience very quickly processed and much easier and more convenient than the postident procedure. If you do not want to lose time in an instant loan comparison and the corresponding application, you should in any case rely on the videoident procedure.

Money from private sources for instant credit

Online loans without schufa with instant approval are usually not granted by reputable credit institutions. A schufa entry can therefore be a reason for rejection. Therefore, it can be useful when looking for an instant loan to look for an interesting alternative. At this point comes particularly often money from private as an alternative to an instant loan from a bank in the game.

If you want to get money from a private person as an instant loan, you do not necessarily have to rely on friends, acquaintances or relatives. However, this option would give you the advantage that people from the private sector usually waive high interest rates or even provide you with the sum completely without any markup.

There are some P2P platforms on which private lenders are active. Here the hurdles are sometimes smaller than with the request with a classical bank. This also applies if you are looking for an instant loan for the unemployed.

You must also keep in mind that the interest for the repayments in many cases significantly higher and only a small period is provided. Therefore, it is also important here to consider well whether this form of instant credit is the right variant.

Friends or relatives can help with a private instant loan with low or no interest rates.

On P2P platforms are also offered loans from private, but sometimes subject to high interest rates.

An instant loan from private is sometimes easier to obtain than an instant loan from a traditional bank.

Make sure, however, that the schufa information is also obtained for P2P loans.

P2P providers are not eligible for a loan for hartz 4 recipients without schufa information.

Loan for private purposes from the bank

Online loans without schufa with instant approval are not available, at least in germany, from reputable credit institutions. With the schufa information a kind of security is guaranteed for the credit institute. This also applies to a loan for private purposes from the bank, which, however, offers you a high degree of flexibility.

Often a loan is offered, for example, for the purchase of a house or in connection with the purchase of a new car. With a loan for private purposes, however, the loan amount is at your free disposal and you can use the money for your own personal wishes and ideas. This is the case, for example, when buying new furniture or kitchen appliances.

It is not necessary to specify a purpose at any time. Of course, you must also take into account that the loan for private purposes must of course be repaid to the bank on time and with the appropriate interest rates. The credit sum as well as the term can be determined however freely. In addition, you as a customer have the advantage on your side that the private loans from the bank are subject to the law of consumer protection.

The loan amount and the term can be determined flexibly.

The loan must be repaid at a fixed interest rate.

The right of consumer protection applies.

If you have a bad credit rating, you may be denied a loan.

An entry in the schufa is made accordingly.

Proof of salary and income is required.

Personal loan with immediate payment

The personal loan with instant approval is a good way to have the desired amount of credit quickly and as easily as possible. Especially the fast disbursement is one of the biggest advantages of this credit variant. But even in the case of a personal loan with instant payout, in practice there are always some important basics and special features to consider.

In connection with an instant loan without schufa with instant approval for the unemployed, for example, it should be noted that this is possible at most in connection with high interest rates and often turns out to be very difficult. However, you will get all the important information easily understandable in the following sections:

The application for a personal loan with instant payout is processed within a very short time.

In order to keep the processing time low, the documents must be submitted in full.

Banks do not grant a personal loan with immediate disbursement without a schufa query or a credit check. Checking the creditworthiness.

Requirements for the instant loan

If you want to apply for an instant loan, there are of course some important basic requirements to be met in practice. Therefore, we would like to give you now a lot of important information on the way, so that you can already consider all important criteria when applying for a loan. First, it is particularly important that the applicant has already reached the age of majority.

In addition, it is also necessary that there is a permanent residence in germany. This can be easily proven by the certificate of registration of the competent authority. In addition, a german bank account must necessarily be available, on which subsequently the approved loan can be disbursed. Foreign current accounts are not accepted in this context, namely, as a rule.

You definitely need to keep these three important requirements in mind if you want to successfully apply for an instant loan with the respective bank.

What documents are needed?

If you want to apply for an instant loan, you must of course first completely fill out the application form. In this context, you must make sure to provide only correct information and not to forget any item on the form. This is the only way to ensure that the application can be processed as quickly as possible by the relevant credit institution. Otherwise, there will be further queries, which unnecessarily drags out the process.

In addition, some other documents are required so that a final decision can be made on the application for an instant loan. Especially important is a corresponding salary or wage statement. The current account statements of the recent past should also be attached to the application in any case. In addition, you must not forget to enclose a copy of your identity card to prove your identity to the credit company from the beginning.

The statements are usually required for at least the last three months of your life. In addition, proof of the total income of the last year is also required. In some cases, the income tax return is also requested. These are particularly important documents that can be used to check your creditworthiness for an instant loan.

On the other hand, if you are self-employed or freelance and want to apply for an instant loan, monthly pay stubs from an employer are logically not available. In this context, however, it is necessary to submit other documents to apply for the instant loan quickly and easily. This then includes the relevant annual financial statements or even the income surplus statements for the last two years. The respective business management evaluations are also frequently requested.

At this point we can also mention that self-employed or freelancers usually have the possibility of an instant loan only if the activity has already been carried out for a period of at least three years.