In which bank the most profitable car loan?

It is today one of the most popular banking products a loan to purchase a vehicle. It offers many financial institutions on a variety of conditions for customers. Anyone who plans to transport the acquisition, it is interesting to know where you can get the most favorable car loan, because the conditions of different banks differ dramatically. Competition motivates financial institutions to develop the best programs for citizens. Today every second car bought on credit, so we conclude about the popularity of loans for the purchase of the vehicle. Banks actively cooperate with car dealers, lower rates, to attract your target audience.

Car loans in russia: main features

Each bank product has its own characteristics, including the most profitable car loan. In which bank the lowest rates and loyal conditions a small down payment – and it will have to carry out the transaction. Today's financial institutions are constantly developing new programs for citizens.

Car loan is the target consumer loans that affects the machine purchased. Due to the fact that the vehicle in the deposit banks require CASCO registration policy. Many citizens believe that the most profitable car loan – it is the one in which it is not necessary to buy insurance. There are programs that do not need it, but in this case the customer put down all the costs of repair if the car gets into an accident and injured. In addition, avtozaem bases hull usually has a higher interest rate.

Car loan programs have special characteristics:

  1. The customer often does not get the money, they are immediately transferred to the dealer, through which the purchase is made.
  2. Most banks offer loans only after the buyer make a down payment of at least 10% of the value of the vehicle.
  3. Traffic remains pledged to the bank as long as the customer does not fully repay the debt.
  4. TCP vehicle stored on the bank before closing the contract.
  5. Almost always requires you to make an expensive insurance CASCO.

Citizens who plan to take a car loan, the most favorable conditions are offered when the customer make a down payment. Otherwise, you will be interested in paying a higher rate. The lack of hull also increases the cost of the loan by 3-5% per year.

State support

It is a unique product – the best car loan with a subsidy from the state. They offer it, not all financial institutions as well as the presidential program. Under an offer to buy the vehicle to be made in russia. There are also some foreign models, which are collected at domestic plants, and they can get the cheapest car loans in rostov, moscow and other cities.

The subsidy is compensation for two-thirds of the interest on car loans. It is calculated by the central bank rate that acts at the time of the transaction. For example, the customer plans to buy a vehicle on credit from sberbank, in which the rates – 13.5-18%. Will pay at 6.5-7% less borrowers with the support of the state is necessary. As a result, transportation is much cheaper to customers and domestic companies sell their products.

Under the program on a government grant to buy a car up to 3.5 tons and cost no more than 1 million 150 thousand rubles. The bank provides no more than 90% of the cost of transportation. Loan term in this proposal – no more than 3 years.

The most profitable car loan: a low rate

One of the most important indicators for customers is a small overpayment credit agreement. To understand what certain amount of the excess cost of the car will have to pay, you can use the credit calculator, which is present on the websites of most financial institutions. With this tool you can calculate the load on the budget when applying for a loan and clearly see the size of the overpaid amounts.

Purchase of appreciation depends on the financial rate of the institution in which the loan is made. Where the cheapest car loan? The most attractive interest rates offered by the bank of moscow, "uralsib" and unicredit bank. Here you can get a loan with a rate of 9-14% per year.

A small basic fee

Most financial institutions require a down payment, which can be as much as 40% of the value of the vehicle, which is a significant amount of money. The most profitable car loan in volgograd and other cities of russia – is a loan, with little or no basic fee it. It can be obtained in 24 banks VTB, MDM and "altai energo".

However, it should be remembered that the lack of down payment or a small amount of it can greatly increase the interest rate. In addition, to some financial institutions to impose additional conditions. For example, you can buy only foreign car worth half a million. Therefore, decide which car loan is most advantageous (low overpayment or not) of consumers.

Vehicle type

Currently program lending allowed time than to buy a new or used car, assembled in russia and abroad. In each bank there are certain requirements for the registration of loans for the purchase of vehicles. In some you can buy only a new car, while others lend people who plan to buy a vehicle with mileage.

There are banks where loans are issued only on luxury foreign cars (raiffeisenbank). Very few financial institutions are willing to offer a loan to buy a car, second hand, and those that are willing to make high demands on the vehicle (year of manufacture, condition, etc.).). Many customers after, the most profitable car loan in ufa and other russian cities used cars can be arranged in gazprombank.


Car loans in russia differs from other banking products, so one of the essential points of the transaction is the presence of CASCO policy. The fact that the cars are bought by the bank as collateral as long as the borrower does not pay all his debts in full. All promotional offers banks expressed the interest rates on loans that apply only in the case of registration of a full package of insurance services.

By buying insurance will be more expensive in times. In case of rejection from the purchase of the policy, the borrower will be able to save on the first payment, but the percentage of the loan to increase. In addition, you can choose your own insurer, it will also save money for the purchase of the policy. However, not all financial institutions are giving their customers the opportunity to choose an insurance company.

Minimum package of documents

Many citizens most are not satisfied with the bureaucracy. To conclude a credit agreement, required to provide a huge amount of information and papers. Today, however, you can make a deal to leave only two of the document. If we look at financial institutions from this perspective, the most profitable bank car loan, for passports and driver's licenses loan execution – sberbank russia's. That can also provide SNILS, VAT or military ID as a second instrument.

In addition to the savings bank of the russian federation, the two transaction documents can be issued in rosbank and VTB 24, as the financial institution is unable to verify the solvency of a potential borrower without the appropriate certificates, this credit will be accompanied by higher interest rates. In addition, the bank may require a significant down payment, which is not always convenient for customers.

Products from manufacturers

Many authorized dealers to increase sales of its products try to develop special offers for customers who want to buy a vehicle of a particular brand. So it seemed, the toyota bank and renault nissan bank on the market. Here you can buy a specific make and model at a very attractive conditions.

Also pay attention to seasonal offers and affiliate programs of banks with authorized dealers. As a rule, the conditions for the customers of such credit programs are very tempting.

VTB 24 program

The financial institution is the second largest in russia and offers citizens a huge amount of services and products. Car loans are in special demand and very well developed VTB bank. You can arrange a loan with a grant from the state to take advantage of privileges for corporate customers, or to conclude a lucrative contract under the existing shares.

Standard terms of car loans in the bank as follows:

  • Amount – not more than 5 million rubles;
  • You can buy the vehicle of russian and foreign production;
  • Rate of 14% per year;
  • Down payment – at least 15% of the cars;
  • Term of the contract – up to 5 years.

Favorable interest rate in gazprombank

The financial institution is the most profitable programs offer corporate clients. The interest rate on car loans is relatively low, and in recent years have been observed significant increases. Make a loan agreement, borrowers can be in the bank for up to 7 years. The prime rate on car loans – 14% per year, but regular customers can get a discount of 1.5% per year. The bank provides for a down payment – at least 20% of the cost of the car and offers loans at a rate of not more than 4.5 million rubles.

Offers from sberbank

Wide range of different car loan programs for the citizens of russia sberbank russia offers. You can arrange a loan for the purchase of foreign cars and domestic cars. Overpayment size depends on the loan period varies within 13.5-16% per year. In the presence of quotas can be issued favorable car loans with state subsidies, if the customer does not oppose on the domestic traffic.

Savings for all programs require any down payment, the amount of which is not less than 15% of the value of the car. The maximum for the purchase of the vehicle is given 5 million rubles. The term of the loan agreement – 5 years.

Sberbank, which offers on car loans a discount of 1% per year in the following categories of citizens: