How to take money in debt, credit, angels, commitment: cash folk signs and rules. How to attract money in the house: signs and conspiracies


Give and take a debt, it is necessary correctly. When we hear folk signs about the weather, for some reason, little believe in all kinds of conspiracies, as it is right when it is right to take or give debt. In this article we will try to deal with when it is right to give money and take money in debt.

How to give debts and on what days?

It is worth mentioning that it is possible to occupy and return debts on all days. Give funds on wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday, the debt best. You should not assume on sunday, because they never come back, that is most likely no debt.

  • For monday you can give money to the debt . But it is worth mentioning that after returning them, you can spend wrongly. That is, the funds are simply spent on unnecessary purchases, and you will not notice the finish that you gave a debt.
  • In relation to the credit of money in the evening there is a special sign. After the sun hides behind the horizon, there are funds, and you should not send them back. However, this is not quite the right sign. It is important how you will do it.
  • An important rule: I must give money with the right hand, but take it exclusively on the left. At the same time, try not to put bills out in the borrower, but somewhere on a plate, a table, saucer. Please note that it is impossible to lay out finances on the floor or on the dining table.
  • That is, it should be a night nightstand or locker, possibly a shelf. Only in this way it is worth sending a loan. This will help to clean the bill from your energy and better manage the funding.

That is, it is worth out of all the above conclusion: for each day on each day required by the environment on saturday, it is desirable before sunset. At the same time, exclude yourself from the list 13 as well as 31 minutes. Because they are a dime a dozen and promise trouble for someone who gives a debt.

How to borrow the money properly, loans, leaning?

There are many people how to give money for debts.

  • Never give the amount you feel sorry for. You need to participate easily with the money.
  • You can never regret the funds that you receive the repayment of a loan or debt. Because these are only bills if you participate, with which you will achieve even more.
  • There is an opinion that money comes unexpectedly, so they do not have to regret them at all.
  • In no case can not borrow funds for modern and stylish boots or gold decoration. Because it is not the need of essential. Above only the funds that are needed. That is, you urgently need to go about a business trip, acquire some new things, necessary things, or it is worthwhile to help someone from the relatives due to serious illness. Only in this case money is worth borrowing.
  • Some global purchases that you personally need to confirm the status, ie, fashionable, expensive hours or leather bag, do not need to buy credit money. Such things are acquired for their own funds, they need to collect and plan large acquisitions in advance.
  • A rather bad admission is to spread money, as for the one who gives debt, and for the one who takes it. If you are bred, and the money received on the threshold, you need to pronounce : "may is strong, and I can return these funds" . If the man at the threshold is afraid, said the debt, say, "mine to return."

How to give debt, which bills?

There are several rules, what when and how it is necessary to give the means that you have recently employed or accepted.

  • It is best to return funds with large bills, and until the moment the sun hides for the horizon.
  • It is desirable not to use small bills, and in no case to apply coins for these purposes. Do not pass directly in hand. It is best to take them to a table, but not to dinner.
  • It is best if it is a wooden surface, something bedside table or counter. After that it is necessary to lower bills, but not to go into the hand. When delivering, it is advisable to give money without money. That is, how much they took, so much given.
  • Many numerologists recommend using bills with digits 2 and 0, as they contribute the least to financial well-being.
  • As for the method of returning a loan, it is best to do so on a waning moon. At the same time, it is advisable not to file the bills in full, that is, not straight, but folded twice or in a roll.
  • Try not to give money for the hand, but to put on a wooden surface. After you get home, it is advisable to hold a ritual that will help to accept money. It is necessary to put out the light, wait when the sun hides behind the horizon, light the candles, and three times in the dark, our father. This is all done only on a waning moon.
  • So that the finances are in your house, after you have given the debt, take the largest settlement, put in the corner of the house so that no one has seen. For example, you can hide in the closet or for the base and leave there on 21 days. After that pick up from there and spend some unnecessary purchases. You will see that in a month really happiness will smile, you will be a little richer. This ritual attracts money.

Money folk signs and rules: ways to attract money

To earn money in your family, it is also necessary to have a golden frog. This is a kind of symbol of well-being.

  • For alms, it is very often near the churches, the temples ask for donations. It is not necessary to refuse, it is necessary to give a donation. It is best to make coins and not bills. That is, let's never make paper money, always throw coins. This is one of the best ways to get richer. The return loan also tries not to give smaller bills, but only large ones.
  • It is believed that if you return small bills, then they will be dried by you. After the time money is drowned by the fingers. Therefore, the best option is to take a bill with a nominal five, six or seven bill. For example 500 or 5000 rubles.
  • It is forbidden to give bills with a designation of 200 and 2000 rubles. Try giving money as large bills. Not successful is number one. That is, it is best to give debt for 500 or 5000 rubles.
  • Never take more than you can give at a time. In no case do not pose the payment and do not try to give parts. Because you undermine your credibility.
  • Try to use all the ways for money. Because an angel keeper is responsible for financial well-being. You must take advantage of all the opportunities to earn money you have given. If you pass such opportunities, the guardian angel will solve that you do not need help, and everything will be fine with the financing.

Friends or acquaintances do not want to give debt or communicate with you. Many believe that it really is impossible to give or take money from friends. That is, borrow because it is a direct way to damage relationships. Try to accept money from the employees to work or generally work in the bank.

Fix money in the house and avoid additional expenses: signs and conspiracies

Please note that if a man came to you money that went beyond debt, apparently, then do not return bills at the threshold or behind the threshold. You must leave a person in the house, close the door, and only after that you can pay.

  • In addition, there are a number of manipulations that help to attract money for you. Please note that you do not have to regret any part with money. Do not try to return money on salary day, or after he received a large amount of money. That is, if someone returned to you, and you need to give someone tools, you do not have to do it on the day of receipt of finances. It is necessary to pick up the money home, so that they paint all night on the nightstand, and only after that return the funds. Try to return money not as much as you were given, and at least on the ruble more. It should be pronounced: "you gave me money, now I will have a dive" . Only in the present number, so that you attract you good luck, it is possible to increase the amount of cash.
  • Try to return the loan as early as possible. That is, if you have the opportunity to return the finances before, then return them, attract them only on the last day of return. So you improve your karma and attract money for yourself. Please note that when you give money in your hands, come home and read the prayer.
  • To clear the bills you returned from the owner's energy, you need to put them on the table and pour 3 pickle salts. This is not necessary to do always. Perform the ritual standing, if the person who gave the funds did not put on the table. Because the tree absorbs the energy of the past host. If this is not successful, the bills were transferred directly to you, it is best to spend a ritual with salt.

How to return debts on time: ways

There is a very interesting and unusual trick that allows you to return money on time and on time. Many are advised from doing this: if a person asked you, let him do how much he wants, but ask him to give something small bill. For example, you have given all the money, but you have to go to work. That is, it must be small bills. After you get small bills from a person, if he lets, hide them at home. This is a kind of guarantee that a person will come back to you.

There are a lot of interesting, unusual adoption they say that money is or will not be in your home. For example, you need to fix the plumbing and prevent breakdowns. Because it will contribute to the prediction of money from home. In addition, the cover of the toilet after you go to the toilet is also close. It also promises a full bowl as well as the well-being in financial matters.

The main rule of receiving and money from money: you can not earn money in any way and declare that the money is needed to study the child or for the treatment of old parents. So it is impossible to say. It is necessary to be expressed as follows: I need to earn this money to put me a child on the feet or heal parents. Only in this case you will receive a financial well-being

The most interesting thing is that the lord god can not ask god for money, that is, "give me money, god". The fact is, it's not a prayer, it's a petition. It is necessary to pray and ask for verschleifer, ie "I ask you to find a job, please give me strength to work as much as possible." Because everything is in your hands. God can only help you give money in hand, he is not able to.

As you can see, the manipulations with the return of funds are not so much. They simply remember and plug in. This will improve your financial situation.