Get uncomplicated credit – even with schufa entry!

Credit with Schufa

Use our free and schufa-neutral loan comparison calculator to find the best loan for you quickly and easily. When using this comparison calculator, your schufa score does not matter and using the comparison calculator does not affect it either. If your schufa is not spotless, here you will find tips and information as well as reputable loan providers that can help you in a financial emergency.

How easy is a credit with schufa?

Today, fortunately, even with an entry in the schufa register can be applied for loans and credits. It does not take longer and is quite simple, if you know how it works. And despite the simplicity, some caution is required. There are also countless black sheep on the financial market and on the internet in general. Therefore, we have compiled the reputable and reliable credit providers for you and collected our tips. So you can easily and quickly go through the application process and get help in your financial predicament. Get your credit without any complications at ferratum, cashper, ofina or creditolo.

It can happen to anyone, unexpected bills suddenly arrive or your car breaks down and needs to be repaired. You don't have enough change to make ends meet until the next payday or you need a longer cash injection to reorganize your finances. Our credit providers here on the site offer you credits and loans, even if you have a schufa entry. We have thoroughly checked these credit institutions and can recommend them with a clear conscience. You get a loan quickly, easily and without many questions over the internet. You save the long queue in the bank branch and do not have to answer countless questions of the bank consultant. The loan application can be processed quickly and without much effort online. Many credit institutions also offer identification via video. This also eliminates all the tedious paperwork and you get your money within a short time on your account transferred. Thanks to the internet, it has become easier and less complicated to get a credit or loan.

Loan rejection: what are the most common reasons and can a loan despite schufa uncomplicated help further?

According to the german banking act, a consumer loan may only be approved if the credit check (also creditworthiness check) shows that there are "no significant doubts" about the creditworthiness of the applicant. Common reasons for rejection are the following:

  • Bad schufa score or negative schufa entries
  • Too low income
  • Insecure income situation (concerns self-employed or temporary employment contracts)
  • The job security is not given
  • The age
  • Missing or insufficient collateral
  • Overdrawn credit line with the dispo
  • Problems with the repayment of previous loans

Who thinks, now it will not be easy to get a loan, is only partly right. Each credit institution has its own conditions for granting credit and therefore the rejection at one bank can still mean approval at another credit provider. The important thing here is to study the credit offers carefully and ask the right credit providers for your loan. Then it is uncomplicated and very well possible that you will be helped further. A loan does not have to depend on your schufa and can be approved despite an entry. However, pay attention to the seriousness and reliability of your credit provider. Simply use our comparison calculator and apply for your loan with these credit companies. You can also submit your application to several credit providers and then accept the best offer.

In the event of a rejection, we recommend that you do not hang your head and simply try again with another credit institution. Fortunately it does not take long.

What does schufa actually mean?

Often heard and often quoted, but what is the famous schufa actually and why is schufa-free or "without schufa" so important? What does it mean if I have a schufa record?

  • The schufa: schufa is the largest information provider in germany for the creditworthiness of private debtors. Based on past payment history, schufa assumes projections about your future payment history and translates them into a number. This is the so-called schufa score.
  • The schufa score: the scale for the schufa score goes from 0 to 1000. The higher the score, the better your credit score (also called creditworthiness). An exception is the value 1: this covers people for whom no data is available, as well as if you have recently moved but not yet re-registered.
  • Schufa information: once a year, you can check your schufa score free of charge at schufa. Here you can request insight. For each additional request there is a fee of 18.50 euros.

Why it is not easy to get a loan with schufa entry?

One challenge is that phrases such as "credit without schufa" or "credit free of schufa" can be interpreted in different ways. Are they now loans that are simply not reported to schufa and stored there? Or it concerns credits, which are mediated despite bad or negative schufa and/or small creditworthiness? This confuses consumers and sometimes raises false expectations and hopes. There are undoubtedly some banks where you will not get a loan with a bad schufa score or entry. However, there are more flexible lending companies where it is very possible to obtain a loan or credit. Here, however, it is important to compare the loan offers carefully. Some loan companies make your terms for the loan dependent on your credit score. This may mean that you pay more interest or fees with a bad credit rating. That is why we recommend you to ask for different loan offers. Until you sign, these remain non-binding. After you receive the loan offers, compare the conditions carefully. Only accept an offer you are confident about. So it's simple: you check and compare the different offers before you strike. Actually, it's simply the same process as buying a washing machine or a new cell phone.

Is a swiss loan worth it or. A foreign loan?

A swiss loan is colloquially a loan granted by a foreign bank. Since these are not located in germany, they do not consult with schufa. Thus, your schufa score is not relevant and the credit or loan also has no impact on your schufa score. This can of course come in handy if you have a really bad schufa record. However, special care should be taken here, as there are also many shady characters among the foreign lenders. If you want a reputable loan provider and also want to be on the road without complications in the long term, you should choose a loan provider approved by the german financial market authority. All loan providers in our comparison calculator meet this criterion and have also been tested by us personally, as well as by our customers, and found to be good.