Financing your modernization with a kfw grant

Securing subsidies, increasing property value, saving heating costs

You would like to renovate your house or apartment in an energy-efficient way or invest in an energy-efficient property and are looking for a favorable financing option in the current phase of rising interest rates? Then we have good news: there are suitable funding options from kfw bank – and a tip on how to get this financing without much effort with professionals. How you can score multiple points as an owner. You develop the value of your property, save on heating costs and secure a suitable subsidy with minimal effort.

Financing an energy-efficient property with minimal effort: how does it work??

Kfw offers subsidies to encourage owners and buyers to build or renovate their property as energy-efficiently as possible or to buy energy-efficient properties. To this end, kfw offers loans with particularly favorable interest rates. Especially in the current phase of increased interest rates, kfw loans or other modernization loans are exciting. However, the kfw subsidies cannot be applied for directly at the kfw. For this you have to go to your house bank or a local financing partner.

Sounds like a bit of a hassle, but there's another way: for modernization or follow-up financing, you can get help here. B efore you need it, you can combine there kfw loan with other real estate loans. In order to give you an overview of what might be of interest, we will clarify a few key questions below.

What exactly are kfw subsidies and why do they exist??

Kfw stands for kreditanstalt fur wiederaufbau (reconstruction loan corporation). It was founded in 1948 and aims to improve economic, social and ecological living conditions. Part of this is to make it possible for people to own property.

So kfw grants various real estate loans at low interest rates. These are linked to various ecological requirements. They give you as an owner or buyer but just the opportunity to take out a favorable loan or at least your credit in combination with a kfw loan for you to make something more favorable.

What are the basic requirements for kfw funding??

There are various subsidies, which differ in the details of their application requirements. Nevertheless, there are a few things you need to consider before applying – depending on which kfw loan it is:.

  • It is essential that you apply for the kfw loan before buying the property or starting the (re)construction work.
  • Energy-efficient (re)construction work you must necessarily implement with certified professionals. Certified experts can be found on the website "energy efficiency experts.En" of the dena.
  • You must apply for your kfw loan through a bank, a loan broker or through kfw's grant portal.

What kfw loans for energy-efficient real estate are available?

Kfw offers various funding programs. In particular, there are some on the promotion of energy efficiency, which are particularly exciting for you at this point.

  • The kfw home ownership program 124 promotes the construction or purchase of properties
  • The kfw housing loan 261 promotes construction or. The purchase of an efficiency house or the energy-efficient refurbishment of your property
  • The kfw renewable energy standard 270 loan promotes the installation of systems to generate electricity and heat

The loan amount granted for the individual loans varies, as do the application requirements. Therefore, in the following a few more info on the individual subsidies.

Kfw loan 124: requirements, funding level and conditions

You want to buy an energy-efficient property or convert a purchased property to make it energy-efficient and then move in yourself? Then take a look at the kfw home ownership program 124. Kfw offers loan terms of between four and 25 years and fixed interest rates of five to ten years with a maximum volume of 100.000 euros to.

Kfw loan 261: requirements, funding level and conditions

Do you want to build or buy an efficient house or convert an existing property into an efficient house?? Then take a look at the kfw residential building loan 261. Here you can save up to 150 % per residential unit.Secure a loan of EUR 000 from just 0.64 effective annual interest rate. In addition, you can even get a repayment subsidy of between five and 25%. In addition, there is the possibility of up to five repayment-free start-up years with terms of four to 30 years and fixed interest rates of ten years.

Kfw loan 270: requirements, funding level and conditions

If you're planning to add renewable energy systems to your property, take a look at kfw loan 270. Because the promotes, for example, the construction of a photovoltaic system with up to 50 million euros per project. The maximum funding level is so high because the offer is available not only to private individuals but also to companies and public institutions. Kfw offers fixed interest rates of five, ten, fifteen or twenty years and terms of between five and 20 years. In addition, you have the option of arranging up to three repayment-free years.

Can kfw subsidies be combined with other loans??

This is possible in principle, yes. Similarly, you can also combine different kfw funding or combine kfw funding with other public funding programs outside the kfw offer. In the latter case, however, the 10 % rule applies, according to which the public subsidy in addition to the kfw subsidy may not exceed 10 %.

Since there are a large number of more or less well-known funding options, which can be combined sometimes more sensibly and sometimes less sensibly, it is in any case advisable to consult experienced financial advisors. Because they know their stuff and have an overview of all available subsidies. In many cases, it makes sense to address the issue.

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