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You need money quickly and easily, but getting a bank loan is very difficult, especially since you do not have a good credit history. Don't worry, there are other ways to get credit, especially a very fast one: through online loans.

Yes, you can get a loan online quickly and easily. What do you need? Actually just your personal data, an account and an internet connection. It does not matter whether you are in the SCHUFA or how your account balance is. Want to know more about online loans? Then read on and find out how they work.

What is an online credit with immediate response?

Basically, an online credit or loan is a type of financing that is acquired over the internet. You can do this with a variety of loan providers, such as:

This type of loan is usually accepted very quickly, d.H. 24 hours after applying for the loan, it will be approved and deposited into your account at the latest. Yes, these quick online loans are easy and quick to get, but are they safe?

Are online loans reliable?

If you need money urgently and it takes too long or is too expensive to rely on traditional loans, or if they would be rejected because of your credit history or presence in SCHUFA, it is very common for germans to rely on fast online loans with instant approval. However, many believe that there is a trick to this type of financing.

The truth is that online loans are very safe, but you need to know which loan provider to apply to, as there are some that set interest rates high and have very short payment terms. However, the best option is to choose some of the oldest and most reputable companies for fast online loans with instant approval. The above are a good option.

How does an online loan differ from a traditional loan?

If you want to apply for a traditional loan from a bank, the requirements are very broad: good credit history, employment record, regular income and even more. It takes at least a few days to receive a commitment for your loan.

Instant response loans, on the other hand, are almost instantaneous; you apply for a loan and wait less than 24 hours for it to be approved. After that, the money is ready in your account too. The best part is that there isn't as much paperwork and bureaucracy involved. Unlike a traditional bank loan, interest rates can actually be lower, depending on the loan provider.

There are even new online loans where you not only get an instant response, you don't even have to pay interest. To attract new customers, some credit providers offer their online loans without interest. Regularly such special offers have cashper and ferratum.

Quick loans with instant approval are often small loans or also called mini loans. These are usually very easy to apply for and you receive a prompt response.

If you're in a hurry, a mini loan from the internet can help you because it's risk-free, fast, and if you pay it back in a short time, the interest rates are very low.

Advantages of an online loan with immediate response

Online instant response loans are positioned as a great credit tool because:

  • Easy and fast online loans have become very popular in germany, where there are many companies that can offer you this service efficiently and quickly. A first advantage: the large number of credit institutions that you can find that have very competitive and attractive offers.
  • The entire process is done over the internet, you do not have to go to any branches or outlets as you would have to do when applying for a loan at a bank. They are easily accessible.
  • Even if you can not access large amounts of money, since some credit providers have a maximum amount of 500 euros, it is possible to ask for more money if you become a regular customer of the credit provider.
  • Online loans are very easy to obtain. You do not need any special documents or bureaucratic formalities that could delay the application of the money. You simply fill out a form with your details and wait a maximum of 24 hours or less. During this time you will be informed if your request has been accepted and then the money will be deposited into your account. Online loans are fast and easy.
  • Many lending institutions have special offers, d.H. If you repay before a certain period of time, you can reduce the interest rate.
  • Interest rates on this type of loan are sometimes higher than those on bank loans. Comparison is worthwhile here. In some cases there are also surcharges, but these are due to the immediacy with which you receive the money. Remember, too, that you shouldn't take out more money than you can pay back.
  • Online loans do not require any kind of guarantor or guarantee.
  • Likewise, you do not need to pay your salary by direct debit.
  • Moreover, online loans do not exclude you if you have a negative record in SCHUFA.
  • Quick online loans are the easy and fast way to get money exactly when you need it and bridge financial bottlenecks.

Fast loans with instant approval

Why are online loans more expensive?

This statement is not true in such a general way, but it persists in the minds of germans. Do you pay more interest for an online loan than for a conventional loan at the bank, it really depends on the type of loan applied for at the bank and also on the lending institution where you get the online loan approved immediately. Again, it pays to compare the offers well.

You can apply to a bank for a loan to be repaid in three years. The interest rates may seem lower than an online loan, but in the long run, you'll be paying a lot more in the time it takes you to pay off that debt. A longer term means lower rates, but they also add up to high amounts.

With an online loan, on the other hand, the interest rate will fall or rise depending on the time you take to repay it.

Online loans are an excellent option when money is needed urgently, as they are approved quickly and can help you solve unexpected problems.

Loans with immediate response without SCHUFA

Even if you have a record with SCHUFA, there is the possibility to apply online for a loan where you will receive an immediate response. Your chances are especially good if you apply for a small loan up to 300 euros. Many loan providers specialize in small loans on the internet and have developed their processes so that the entire request is done online. You do not have to send documents by mail, just enter your data on the computer or smartphone. Then identify yourself via a video identification procedure. Thus, the application process is already completed and the credit institution now examines your request. Since nowadays in germany much information can be accessed online at any time, your request can be processed even in the evening or on weekends and you will receive an answer within minutes. Finally, the money is also already transferred to your account.

The whole application process is fast and straightforward. You will receive an immediate answer and know whether you can get a loan from the chosen credit institution. Small loans of up to 300 euros can be easily applied for because the risk for the credit institution is limited. When you return to a loan provider as a customer, you can often borrow larger amounts of money.

Because of the lower risk, even applicants with a record on SCHUFA can request a loan with immediate response. In most cases, it is possible that you can get a small loan despite SCHUFA. The credit institution will give you an immediate response to your credit request. If your loan is rejected, we recommend that you do not give up and request your loan from another credit provider. If you are registered negatively with SCHUFA, you can see above in our loan calculator at "more information" whether the loan is granted even with SCHUFA entry.

We analyzed a lot of customer feedback and had our own experiences with loan providers. Loans with immediate response we can recommend at ferratum, cashper and vexcash. These lending institutions are reputable, fast and give you immediate feedback on your credit application.

What to do if my online credit is rejected immediately?

The advantage with online instant response loans is that you know immediately if you will receive your loan. If you have received one or more rejections for online loans with immediate response, we recommend that you do not give up. It is troublesome and can be frightening when a credit institution rejects your online loan. We have a lot of experience with online instant response loans, and we know that each loan provider has different criteria for awarding the loans. Therefore, it may very well be that you immediately receive a negative response from one credit provider but get your credit with another credit provider. That's why our tip is to apply to different loan providers for online loans with instant response. Since you receive an immediate response to your credit application, you also know whether you need to look any further. We have several loan providers in our loan comparison at the top of the page. The application process is fast and you will receive a loan quickly. Many of the loans with instant approval specialize in quick loans. That means not only will you get a prompt response but the money will be paid out quickly as well.

Fast online loans with instant approval

Fortunately, gone are the days today when you had to apply for your loan from your bank advisor in germany and get asked a lot of questions. Today you can apply for loans online quickly and easily. There are numerous loan providers that offer fast online loans with instant approval. You should compare the loan offers well. There are very good offers for fast online loans, where you get an immediate response to your credit request. Digitization makes it possible. You quickly and easily apply for a quick loan online and receive an immediate response. The money will be paid to your account immediately.