Credit without schufa from liechtenstein

If you are looking for a loan in germany and only have a negative schufa, you will hardly have a chance to put this loan into practice. Because the banks and savings banks will consistently reject such a loan application. The repayment is too uncertain, because a negative schufa always points to already existing debts.

Most borrowers then try on their own to take out a loan after all. Most often, these paths lead to shady loan brokers who promise much and deliver little. Sometimes in combination with a prepayment and the conclusion of unnecessary insurances. What you end up with is disappointed prospective borrowers who have no credit but additional debt.

It is actually not that difficult to take out a fair loan even with negative schufa. The magic word here is foreign banks. You handle the "problem" with schufa completely differently. Since they do not have access to schufa data, they cannot query it or use the data in their credit decisions. Other securities are therefore in the foreground, which must be fulfilled by the borrower. In the vernacular, such loans are often referred to as "swiss loans". Here, the loans do not come from switzerland, but from a small bank in the principality of liechtenstein, sigma kreditbank.

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Why credit ratings matter so much

A negative entry is quickly created in schufa. Here a forgotten telephone bill, there an electricity back payment that was not followed up on time. The reasons for the negative entry can be so varied and do not always have to indicate debt to a bank or serious delinquencies in other payment obligations. Unfortunately, such entries, no matter what quality they correspond to, remain up to three years in the schufa. So even if all liabilities are settled, this does not mean that the schufa is clean again.

When it comes to credit, schufa is known to cause the biggest problems. But that's not the only place. Even a new phone contract can't be signed with a negative schufa record. Even a purchase on account cannot take place in many cases. And if you want to apply for a new credit card, you will have to accept a prepaid card if you have a negative entry in schufa, because a regular credit card with a negative entry in schufa is unfortunately not possible.

Many consumers do not understand why banks insist so much on schufa and rely on its records. After all, these say nothing about the people behind them. Only something about his financial circumstances. And that's exactly what banks are interested in when granting a loan. How does the consumer meet his financial obligations? Is he reliable or is he rather reckless with it?

The conditions of sigma kreditbank for a loan without schufa from liechtenstein

Who does not want to worry about such things, which should simply take care of a loan without schufa from liechtenstein. Sigma kreditbank is highly recommended in this regard and has proven to be a reliable and competent bank.

Should you take out a loan without schufa from liechtenstein via sigma kreditbank. A permanent and unlimited employment relationship must be proven for this purpose. This employment relationship must have existed for at least one year. In addition, the income must be higher than the exemption from seizure.

Loans are offered up to 5.000 euros. You can take two months with the repayment. After that, however, it is necessary to service the loan every month. And for forty months. Depending on the loan amount, installments range from one hundred to one hundred and fifty euros per month. From the application for the loan without schufa from liechtenstein to the disbursement takes a maximum of ten days.

How to apply for the credit without schufa from liechtenstein?

The loan from sigma kreditbank can be taken out conveniently over the internet. The bank provides all the necessary forms on its website. In addition, the conditions are once again described in detail, so that everyone can find out in advance exactly what advantages or disadvantages such a loan brings with it.

Once the forms have been filled out and sent to the bank, the bank will immediately review the application. If a loan is granted, the borrower must also sign the contract and have it legitimized. This is done by postident. The bank will subsequently transfer the money from the loan without schufa from liechtenstein to previously specified reference account. Cash payment is unfortunately not possible.