Credit without schufa

A credit request for a loan without schufa is absolutely free and non-binding for you and you do not have to take out any insurance or the like in addition!

You can choose a loan amount between 1.500 euro to 200.000 euros and have the choice of a term of 12 to 120 months. No matter which option you choose, you will always receive the most favorable loan offer for your personal situation and thereby a evtl. Schufa entry does not stand in the way.

Start now a free and non-binding credit inquiry!

Offer and service for credit without credit history

More and more often it is necessary that a loan is not known to the employer or the house bank. Be it because one still plans a main financing or this (a) main credit or. Does not want to unnecessarily jeopardize the main financing.

Exactly at this point, our offer for credit without schufa information offers you a suitable alternative. One gets a credit without a credit history as a rule about foreign banks resp. Investors provided and of course you can your credit request for your online credit without schufa also �uber das internet, so to speak immediately order online.

The instant loan without schufa (express loan without schufa)

Even with a loan without schufaauskunft are certain rules and waiting periods simply inevitable and the so-called, instant credit without schufa will also take a certain amount of time to complete. You should always question yourself, how serious other offers are, where you are suggested that it is a loan always received immediately.

Credit without schufa and unemployed

Even in difficult cases you can use our free credit inquiry, because in case of rejection you do not have to expect any costs. If you are unemployed and would like to take a loan without schufa, or despite a negative entry in the schufa, this is sometimes a difficult case. Nevertheless, you should start a credit inquiry, because we can help even in difficult cases.

Credit without schufa and self-employed (credit self-employed without schufa information)

A credit without credit history and also still self-employed, that can lead in germany possibly also to certain difficulties and also with this situation no costs arise for you with our credit inquiry. Again and again it can occur, that with a self-employment a credit can fail because of a bank information. Our offer can also help here. Please note, however, that even a loan without schufa will not do without a bank report. It is obtained with each financing form an information about the borrower. The credit without information of the schufa, is only not reported to the schufa and is therefore not visible to other banks or other credit institutions.

Since a financing without schufa takes place over international financiers, your employer or your house bank does not experience anything from this credit without schufa.