Credit for pensioners: your new freedom – senior credit

Especially in the time after working life one would like to treat oneself to something from time to time. For long-awaited wishes or necessary purchases, you want to be able to take out a loan even as a senior citizen, pensioner or retiree. Even or especially if the pension is low or the income is small. We help you with your credit! Here you can find an overview of our services and also how to get a loan in old age. We inform you about the myth of the age limit for credits and the new moglickeiten in the pension to start again.

Installment loans for pensioners

Our offer: favorable loans for pensioners including personal contact person.

Who would like to take up a credit in the age, in order to fulfill own desires, must count on some reservations with banks and lenders. But with us, consumers can obtain a favorable loan even at an advanced age. Rejected credit requests can quickly become a nuisance for older people: after all, it is nothing unusual to have financial needs again as a pensioner.

Pensioner on a bicycle with credit

They already have an offer for pensioner loans?

Then request our non-binding offer and you will be surprised that we may have a better eff. Can offer annual interest rate.

Say goodbye to the old familiar house bank

The advisor from your bank is like an old acquaintance and has been with you for several years? At the thought of asking for a loan elsewhere, you are plagued by a guilty conscience?
This is understandable. However, with increasing age, the chances of loans for retirees also decrease. If you have already been rejected by your house bank, however, this does not mean that you have equally bad cards elsewhere. With our well-known partner banks we offer you sometimes a better and faster service than your house bank.

You can of course leave your current account with your local bank.

A loan tailored to you

A pensioner loan is – as the name suggests – specifically tailored to the needs and financial capabilities of pensioners and retirees. Spontaneous projects, trips or necessary repairs can be implemented with a pensioner loan without too heavy financial burdens in action.

Worry and barrier free in old age

For an age-appropriate conversion or renovation, you normally get money from your health insurance or nursing care insurance. However, this money is often not quite enough to realize your personal wishes for barrier-free conversion. Just for it it is however very important or also often already indispensable a credit for the barriefreien rebuilding to get. We help you to get a loan for the barrier-free conversion. Because you can use any credit for age-appropriate remodeling.

Retiree in wheelchair being pushed

House bank: often small chances on a credit in the age

Especially in retirement or pension seniors often still need a loan. Be it for a gift for the grandchildren, a trip to the south, a new car or bicycle or a loan for an age-appropriate renovation of your own home. There are many reasons for a financial need after working life. Retirees in particular have more time to enjoy life, and this includes not only health but also financial freedom.
But the reality with many banks unfortunately often looks quite different. By a look of the bank on the date of birth can quickly dwindle the chance of a loan in retirement age. Although there is no age limit for loans, with many banks the chance of getting a loan drops as early as age 60. Not with us: we have no age limit for loans! Even at the age of 100 you can get a commitment for a loan through us. And it's very easy – just give us a call – we'll sort it all out for you!

Age limit: up to which maximum age one gets a credit?

There is no age limit or maximum age for a loan or credit. The law does not specify any age limits for loans – anyone, even at an advanced age can theoretically get a loan. Practice shows, however, that many banks no longer grant loans to pensioners over 75 years of age. Many banks also judge the age limit quite differently. There are banks that no longer accept applicants over the age of 60.
Life expectancy is the sticking point for many banks when granting loans to seniors. But we often have a solution for you, we work with partners to your desire for a kreit even at an advanced age – without age limit – to grant.

The loan for pensioners offers you extensive advantages:

Flexible terms: 12 to 120 months
loan amount up to 100.000 euros
low interest rate

With a loan for pensioners, you retain control over your financing, protect yourself from excessive monthly charges and can enjoy your life in peace.

Why is it more difficult for pensioners to get a loan?

Senior citizens are often made more difficult to obtain credit.

The natural death risk seems too high to many banks. Especially higher amounts or loans with long terms are reluctantly granted by some financial institutions or banks. However, with a special loan for pensioners from our partner bank, you have a reliable partner at your disposal, who will provide you with a loan with flexible terms and favorable interest rates to fulfill long-awaited wishes or to meet short-term expenses.

Don't hesitate and request our free, no-obligation quote today.

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