Comdirect current account

Comdirect is a subsidiary of commerzbank AG and was founded in 1994. Meanwhile the comdirect with approx. Two million private customers one of the leading direct banks in germany and the market leader in online securities business.

The company's website is one of the most visited financial sites in germany, with over 200 million page views per month.

Comdirect offers a free current account under easy to fulfill conditions. We present the account below and look at the conditions in detail.

Free current account of comdirect

We can take here already in advance that the under conditions free current account of the comdirect is one of the best current accounts at all. The account is not the test winner in every area (z.B. There are current accounts with which you can withdraw money for free at more atms), but comdirect offers a very good overall package.

The cooperation with commerzbank is also worth mentioning. Comdirect customers can withdraw cash free of charge from commerzbank's deposit machines (even up to €1 per transaction).000 coins). Few direct banks can offer such a service to their customers. In the meantime, however, the bank limits free deposits to three per year. Each additional deposit would cost €2.90, which is still cheaper and more convenient than depositing via a third-party bank.

Conditions of the comdirect current account

  • Money can be deposited at commerzbank free of charge (even coins, per transaction up to 1.000 coins). In the meantime, only three deposits per year are free of charge (thereafter €1.90 each).
  • Everything free of charge from a single source (current account, call money account and on request deposit account)
  • Opening also possible without postident. Via webident, a checking account or securities account can be opened directly online (no signature required).
  • Google pay available for comdirect customers with android smartphone (pay by smartphone and settle by credit card)

Is the comdirect current account to be recommended?

The current account of comdirect is for us one of the best current accounts at all. Comdirect offers free account management if you meet at least one of the many easy-to-fulfill conditions (see table). Persons up to 28 years of age generally pay no account maintenance fee, which is why the account is also very suitable as a trainee or student account.. Student account qualifies. Comdirect also impresses with its overall good conditions and very good service.

Besides DKB and norisbank, comdirect is the only bank (with a current account without account maintenance fees) that allows its customers to use the free bank or checking account. Visa card to withdraw cash worldwide free of charge. In germany, however, you can use more atms for free with a DKB account, as comdirect customers can "only" use atms at all ca. 9.000 atms of the cash group (deutsche bank, postbank, commerzbank and hypovereinsbank) to withdraw money free of charge.

Cards for the comdirect checking account

An account card (girocard and V-pay) and a visa debit card are provided free of charge with the current account. With both cards withdrawals and payments are immediately offset against the account balance. Who wants a credit card with credit function, so that withdrawals are collected and debited only once a month from the account, would have to pay 1.90 € per month.

In our opinion, however, the debit visa card is quite sufficient. The acceptance is the same as with a "real" credit card and the fee-free withdrawals in the EU foreign countries are also possible with this card. If you are looking for a credit card with monthly debit, you should rather look at the current accounts of norisbank or DKB, where no fees are charged.

For withdrawals in euros, you only use the comdirect account card anyway. In germany, withdrawals are possible at all ca. 9.000 cash machines of the cash group (and participating shell gas stations) free of charge. In countries where the euro is the national currency (e.G.B. France, spain, italy, etc.), withdrawals with the card are also free of charge if you choose an ATM with the visa logo. Most atms in germany and abroad are visa-enabled and can therefore be used free of charge.

Only outside the euro zone, the visa card is required to withdraw money free of charge. However, the foreign currency fee (also common with other banks) of 1.75% will then be charged. Unlike many other banks, however, comdirect waives withdrawal fees.

Deposit cash free of charge at commerzbank

Customers of the bank can deposit cash free of charge at all branches of commerzbank. Among the direct banks, only norisbank (in deutsche bank branches) offers the possibility of depositing cash free of charge. At 1822direkt, N26 and ING, customers can also deposit cash free of charge, but only with restrictions (see the respective bank).

In the meantime, comdirect limits the free deposits to only three per year. A fee of €1.90 is charged after the fourth cash deposit. It is therefore best to collect your coins and bring them to the bank only every 4 months. Despite the slight limitation, the account remains a very good offer and is the only direct bank that offers the possibility to deposit even larger amounts of coins for free.

Deposit coin money at commerzbank atms

In contrast to norisbank and the other direct banks, comdirect customers can also deposit large amounts of coins. Commerzbank's deposit machines accept up to 140 bills or up to 1 euro per transaction.000 coins. If you have more small change, you can repeat the deposit process. Depositing unlimited amounts of coins is not common, even at branch banks.

At many banks, the coins also have to be sorted frequently or. Be handed in rolled up in special paper. This work can save customers of comdirect. At least 3 times a year you can deposit your coins completely free of charge.

Withdraw larger amounts of money as a comdirect customer

Another advantage for customers of comdirect, due to the cooperation with commerzbank, is when larger amounts have to be withdrawn from the current account. Not all direct banks have found a good solution for the withdrawal of larger amounts. As a customer of comdirect, you can increase your card limit for short-term withdrawals to up to 5 euros.If you want to withdraw more than € 000, you can increase this amount over several withdrawals in a row (most atms have their own limit for each withdrawal).

Amounts over 5.000€ can also be withdrawn free of charge at the counter of commerzbank. The increase of the card limit must be made via the call center. Larger withdrawal amounts should also be announced through the call center to guarantee that the respective commerzbank branch will have sufficient cash on the requested day.

(by the way, it is also possible to withdraw amounts under 5.Withdraw 000€ at the counter of commerzbank. However, comdirect charges 9.90€ in fees in this case, so it is better to withdraw such sums of money from atms for free)

Account can be opened without visiting a post office branch

A little extra is the convenience of opening an account. Customers can either choose the postident procedure (verification of identity is carried out in a post office) or, as an alternative, the webident procedure. With the new procedure, an employee of comdirect checks the ID data via webcam on request.

For the webident procedure, you need a PC with webcam (resp. Smartphone or tablet PC) and a phone, as a short call to the call center is required. The procedure can be carried out immediately after opening the account. In webchat, you are asked to tilt your identification document (ID card or passport) a few times so that all security features can be checked. The entire check takes only a few minutes at comdirect. Without a trip to the post office, as with the old postident process, account opening can be completed the same day.

If you choose the webident process, you no longer have to sign to open an account. Thus, the entire account opening process can be done without sending back any documents or signing the account opening application form. Account and access data are sent immediately by e-mail. However, the cards and passwords will reach the customer by mail only a few days later, bit by bit.

Very good checking account and other financial products

In addition to the current account presented here, comdirect offers other financial products and can be called a universal bank. Customers can use comdirect as a house bank and take out loans themselves, conclude savings products or buy shares.

We also looked at the bank's terms and conditions in the securities area and can also recommend comdirect's custodial account. The conditions are on par with direct competitors (and are significantly cheaper than most branch banks or savings banks), but the online bank can shine with a large selection of free ETF savings plans and low-cost stock savings plans. The comdirect offers thus not only a good current account, but if desired additionally a recommendable security depot and further products.

Conclusion on the comdirect checking account:

So far, comdirect only weakened in the conditions for the overdraft facility, however, the conditions were recently lowered from almost 9% to currently only 6.5%. The current account of the direct bank thus offers good to very good conditions and services in all areas.

In addition, comdirect offers many other services free of charge or at least very cheaply. For those who want to save money in the long term, z.B. Stock and ETF savings plans offered without purchase fees. The securities account required for purchase and safekeeping is also maintained by comdirect free of charge. Even with construction financing, you can still use the services of the bank. In this area, it is worth noting that comdirect offers not only its own loans, but also financing from other banks, which allows for very favorable terms. Thus, comdirect can be recommended as a primary or. House bank to be recommended.

The benefits of the comdirect checking account in summary

  • Free checking account (subject to easy conditions)
  • Bank and debz credit card from VISA free with the account
  • Account opening without postident possible and immediate account opening
  • No more documents have to be signed or sent to the bank by mail
  • Withdraw money abroad for free
  • In germany at ca. 7.000 cash group atms for free cash withdrawals
  • Deposit money free of charge at all commerzbank deposit machines
  • Larger amounts of money over 5.Withdraw € 000 free of charge at commerzbank branches
  • Start-up credit for using apple pay / google pay (no salary deposit required)

Free BVB current account of comdirect

In cooperation with the soccer club borussia dortmund, comdirect offers the "BVB fan account". The current account has mostly the same conditions as the normal current account of comdirect, but offers a few nice extras, which should be interesting not only for fans of BVB.

A special extra is the bonus for every BVB home victory in the bundesliga. If BVB wins at home, the account holder receives €1.09 as a bonus. Rewards are collected and credited at the end of the outbound or. Second half of the season transferred to the BVB fan account. Currently, the account also offers a free soccer jersey, which can be obtained after only three payments with apple pay or google pay.

In addition, the fan current account includes cards (girocard and visa) in the club's design, a permanent 10% discount on fan merchandise from the official BVB fan stores and a few other BVB-related benefits.

The BVB checking account is worthwhile for anyone who at least has sympathy for BVB. After a successful season of BVB will have collected between 25€ and 37€ in victory bonuses, year after year. That's not bad for a current account that is free of charge under certain conditions.