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Understanding and calculating credit interest rates

Banks charge interest for the provision of credit. There is a distinction between two interest rates, namely the debit or. Nominal interest rate and the effective interest rate, distinguished. The interest rate corresponds to the cost of the money borrowed.

The nominal interest rate describes the pure cost of borrowing the money. The effective interest rate takes into account all additional costs and thus indicates the total cost of the loan.

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Their guide to obtaining a home equity line of credit (heloc)

Being a homeowner always brings advantages and disadvantages. It can help or hurt your finances depending on where you live, what debt you take on and what your goals are. The joys include having your own place, stable housing costs, and the opportunity to build equity.

In fact, according to a J.D. Power study from 2018 more loanable equity than ever before. Rising home prices have increased the equity that homeowners can add by 10 percent from the previous pre-recession peak in 2005.

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5 Lesser-known reasons why your credit score is falling

Lauren H. Says "I subscribed to your podcast after it was recommended to me by a friend a few months ago, and have really enjoyed it. I discuss money problems with my friends more and more often and these honest conversations really help us all get a better handle on our finances.

Here's my question: every month I get my FICO credit score on one of my credit card statements and last month my credit score dropped 16 points. I checked my experian credit report and found nothing wrong. I don't have late payments, closed cards or new accounts. What could be the reason for this decline?"

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Over-indebtedness in insolvency is defined in § 19 para. 2 inso described. "Over-indebtedness exists if the debtor's assets no longer cover the existing liabilities, unless the continuation of the business is predominantly probable according to the circumstances".

Who is affected by overindebtedness?

All limited liability corporations such as the gmbh, AG, UG (haftungsbeschrankt) and comparable foreign companies such as the ltd.

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Annuity loans

An annuity loan differs from other forms of financing in that the repayment amount never changes. The term derives from the latin word "annus. Translated into german, this means "year". Consequently, the annuity is a loan that a borrower repays in annual installments. Characteristic, besides the fixed time frame, are especially the components that make up the annuity. The loan consists of a repayment portion and an interest portion.

Annuity loan: Defer interest portion and repayment portion over 19 periods

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Which costs can be deducted from taxes in case of home office?

Home office taxes

According to the home office recommendation of the swiss federal council of 18.10.2020, employers have increasingly relocated their workplaces to the private living quarters of personnel. More and more employees are working from home at least temporarily due to the corona pandemic. Which home office expenses can employees deduct from their taxes?? Does this invalidate the claim for travel and subsistence expenses??

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When and what will be announced?

Rishi sunak's recent statements in the spring were dominated by massive spending and multi-billion pound rescue programs to help businesses and workers during the pandemic.

But this time, the chancellor faces a new challenge: the cost-of-living crisis. Sunak is under tremendous pressure to mitigate the impact of higher bills while reducing the massive national debt and helping the country recover economically. So what can we expect?

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