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So you can finance a car & get a cheap car loan without a down payment!

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Quickly and easily get a cheap car loan despite schufa and finance your new car without a down payment. How I was able to secure an instant car loan! Although I was unemployed for a short time I was able to finance my dream car!

Who can still pay cash for a car today? The majority of us need a quick car loan without long bureaucratic waiting periods!

And more and more consumers use a loan without schufa to finance the car. How I got a cheap car loan – my experience with it, my tips & tricks on how you too can get a car loan with instant payout!

Car loan without credit check

What points you need to consider so that you can borrow money quickly and easily for your new car . Here's what to look for in a car loan with a credit history if you want to borrow money right away or are looking to refinance. In addition, you will also find a credit type overview for easier selection.

Borrowing money for motor vehicles:
check out this article for a guide on how to secure an instant car loan online. If you want IMMEDIATE ACCESS to a CAR LOAN, then you are in the right place. Use our quick and free search request. We'll do the tedious search for you.

Car financing

Apply for a car loan

The search for credit institutions is becoming increasingly difficult due to the variety of financial products available. Hardly anyone has the time to compare all products and offers anymore!

And even if you want to make comparisons, in the end you have no guarantee whether you will be approved for a car loan. This arduous process and spending hours searching for a suitable auto loan can be very frustrating. Especially if you want to apply for a loan with schufa.

And in about 80% of the cases banks refuse credit requests for car financing! And then what? Where can you borrow money for a car loan if the banks have sent you a rejection for this purpose?? Private lenders are a good alternative for this. Provided you know reputable private lenders or credit institutions that also have a reputable name!

Nungut. But how can you check the seriousness of a financial service provider?? First you have to check the credit institution of your choice for its seriousness. This is usually pretty easy to accomplish. You go to the chamber of commerce and ask for information about the institute. This gives you an immediate overview of whether you have landed with an established company or whether it is a dubious company.

Car financing is nothing more than an installment loan offered by banks to private individuals or self-employed entrepreneurs. These car loans have become very popular sources of income among car dealers. They lure buyers with low or even zero percent interest rates on car loans! Last but not least.

But only borrowers whose creditworthiness is impeccable can benefit from this. The trade with old and new cars is of course a lucrative business for the car providers, who offer terms between twelve and 120 months for their loans.

Tip: you should know your own creditworthiness. Read more about how you can apply for a free schufa credit report in just 3 minutes.

Car loan comparison

It is always worthwhile to compare the different offers of the credit providers. Only in this way can you be sure that you will not be ripped off. So first get all possible information from the various banks.

If you have a first offer and thus approximate "guideline figures", so compare them with an online loan instant decision. So you can immediately see whether it is really a cheap car financing or an online loan with instant approval. This approach also applies to refinancing your car: compare the different providers!

There are various programs or websites that offer you the possibility to easily compare such car loans. Nevertheless, you should obtain background information here, whether the operators of these programs or sites are really neutral and thus lead you to really realistic results. Take this time, no matter if you want to borrow the money today, no matter if it should be only for 30 days or several years.

This is only a few minutes of extra work, but it could be really worth it for you. Maybe you have friends or acquaintances who already have experience with such programs or websites. Then it is of course worthwhile to check out their experiences or. Get advice. Above all, it is important to get as much information as possible if you are thinking of applying for a loan with negative schufa for your car financing.

The car bank

It's no secret that banks give loans for cars. The banks can earn fast money with it. Basically, they want to attract you as a customer, but they also want to make sure that you can pay back your installments. They want collateral from you. If you can offer this collateral, then of course the interest rate will go down for you.

Here are a few tips on how to improve your credit rating:

  • Find a person who will vouch for you! It wants to be well thought out, of course, who then actually stands in for you in the event of a loan default.

There are basically two types of guarantee. The first is the so-called default guarantee. In this case, the guarantor is only asked to pay when the debtor is completely insolvent. Secondly, there is the directly enforceable guarantee. In this case, the guarantor may already be asked to pay before the credit institution sends any more requests for payment to the debtor.

A guarantor gives the bank security, and without security, cheap car financing deals are hard to find.

  • Of course, you can provide security to the bank in the form of real estate (houses, land, apartments, etc.).). Real estate will help you tremendously and up a credit score.
  • However, you can also take jewelry, furniture of value, etc. Deposit it as collateral.

It's all about keeping the interest rate on your repayments as low as possible. If you have already shown yourself to be a good debtor, then the bank will trust you. Who can offer the bank collateral or with a regular, good income, it is not, difficult to find a cheap car loan.

Vehicle financing without down payment

It is quite possible to obtain car financing without a down payment. The prerequisite is a reasonable credit rating. But attention! Financing without a down payment has its pitfalls of course. You must be aware that you will have to pay a nice monthly sum for such a car for a long time. Again, there are a variety of different terms if you want to borrow money privately!

Because any car loan calculator will show you in seconds that if you don't have a down payment, the repayment period will be longer, but more importantly, the monthly payments will increase tremendously. You need to know if you can handle it. Also, consider whether loan financing with a down payment over the life of the loan might be cheaper overall. So one-month financial chunk on your leg is absolutely not funny.

You must also make sure that the term of your loan is not longer than the expected period of use of your vehicle. After all, you don't want to have to pay for something you don't even use anymore. You can also check this with a financing calculator.

Car financing with final installment

Final installment financing is a loan that makes it possible to drive a relatively expensive car even with a medium income. This type of financing is very popular. No wonder, the car is also a status symbol. An average small car costs at least 25.000 €.

The installments are paid off monthly. Terms are usually between 36-48 months. Longer terms are very rare. The final installment may never be higher than the residual value of the car.

When the final installment is due, three options are possible:

  1. The borrower pays the balance back to the lender and thus acquires the car. Only suitable if you are satisfied with the car and it does not show heavy signs of wear yet.
  2. The final installment is not paid out, but in turn financed. You must be aware that in this case you will be driving the car for a very, very long time.
  3. The borrower returns the vehicle to the lender. This is the rarest option.

Financing calculator – car with final installment

If you have decided to finance with a final installment, do comparisons for car financing on the internet. Pay attention to the seriousness of the website resp. The calculation programs. Don't be too enthusiastic though, don't immediately believe everything the programs spit out in numbers.

If you have decided to finance your car with a final installment, you can compare car financing options on the internet. Pay attention to the seriousness of the website resp. Of the calculation programs.

Enter your "ratios" into a variety of calculators. Those who give you approximately the same results, you can consider trustworthy. Nonetheless, you must be aware that these statements or. Forecasts are never 100 percent accurate. However, you now have a rough overview, and that is already of great advantage.

In addition to the "normal" loan calculators that give you information about a favorable car financing, there are also those calculators that also calculate an appropriate final installment.

The disadvantages of a final installment financing

Financing with this so-called final installment has not only advantages. The dealers resp. Sellers ultimately make you pay very well for driving an expensive car.

The general conditions for this type of credit are much worse than those of a normal credit. Luxury goods – and that is an expensive car – can in many cases only be financed with such a loan, and the sellers know that very well.

So, among other things, these people are hoping that you will want to convert the final installment back into a loan. This means that you are forced to pay new processing fees and interest. And you are again tied to the same company, d.H., the loan company continues to earn quite well from you.

If you compare such a final installment loan with a conventional car loan with negative schufa, it is clear: you pay with this variant significantly more than the actual cash value of the vehicle amounts to.

What else you need to keep in mind: the final payment for the vehicle is based not only on the residual value but also on the miles driven. Many a borrower has had an unpleasant surprise there!

Car loan despite bad credit and differences to car leasing!

The car leasing is enormously popular. It allows the average wage earner to drive an expensive luxury car that doesn't belong to him, but so what?! In addition, leasing allows you to change car brands over and over again in relatively short intervals, which of course makes an impression!

However, leasing means nothing more than renting a car. You get to use it, you get to park it in your garage and of course you pay all running costs. Compared to a normal financing, you will never become the owner of this vehicle.

How does leasing work? Seller and buyer fix a term. The monthly cost is lower than the cost of the loan, as only the depreciation of the car is payable. From the duration of the term plus the driven kilometers results the residual value.

At the end of the term you decide whether you want to extend the contract or change easily to another, new car. Of course you have to sign a new contract for this. However, you can also terminate your old leasing contract and get your own car, or you can buy a new one. Fund.


There are many different options to afford a motor vehicle. Advantages and disadvantages are different, you just have to look for the product that is tailor-made for you. Trust is good, but control is better! Therefore, inform yourself thoroughly and make as many comparisons as possible.

Only sign a contract with a term no longer than the expected useful life of your vehicle.

The longer the period of your financing, the more expensive the vehicle will be for you (compared to a cash purchase). Use the different options, namely car leasing, "normal" financing, final installment financing or car financing without a down payment. Check all these variants with the help of various loan calculators or. Finance calculators on the internet and compare exactly.

Self is the man! Car salesmen want to make money, you will never be able to expect the best deal from them. Don't sign unless you're absolutely satisfied with the term, interest rates and terms of your funding.

Personally, I prefer a car loan with a down payment and no final installment financing. This option is simply the most affordable in the vast majority of cases! Read more info and practical examples of how you can make money online!