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Loans and credits for your wedding

Wedding Loan

Borrow money easily for your wedding this year and enjoy a wonderful day

Your wedding is the biggest day of your life, until you become a parent for the first time. It is a day you will never forget. For many couples, this is the beginning of life together and a new stage in their lives. It's a big event and it's not something you decide on in a few minutes. Every year, many germans hire a professional organizer or even a wedding planner to plan and organize the big day. It costs a little money to hire professional help for the party, but it gives you the unique opportunity to enjoy yourself with your guests instead of having to keep an eye on everything during the party.

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Their guide to obtaining a home equity line of credit (heloc)

Being a homeowner always brings advantages and disadvantages. It can help or hurt your finances depending on where you live, what debt you take on and what your goals are. The joys include having your own place, stable housing costs, and the opportunity to build equity.

In fact, according to a J.D. Power study from 2018 more loanable equity than ever before. Rising home prices have increased the equity that homeowners can add by 10 percent from the previous pre-recession peak in 2005.

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This is how the dream kitchen is realized

Few rooms in the home have undergone such a fundamental transformation in recent years as the kitchen. For decades, the kitchen was mostly just a small chamber where the necessary kitchen work was done. In old houses you can still find classic kitchens with bench and dining area, where most simple meals were taken. Today, the trend is back to this type of large kitchen – with ultra-modern equipment, of course.

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Over-indebtedness in insolvency is defined in § 19 para. 2 inso described. "Over-indebtedness exists if the debtor's assets no longer cover the existing liabilities, unless the continuation of the business is predominantly probable according to the circumstances".

Who is affected by overindebtedness?

All limited liability corporations such as the gmbh, AG, UG (haftungsbeschrankt) and comparable foreign companies such as the ltd.

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Will the agreement between macron and merkel save europe from the abyss?

The COVID-19 pandemic, which had one of its epicenters in europe, widened the gap between the countries of southern and northern europe. It simultaneously made some EU members, such as z.B. Crisis-ridden italy, the battleground between the united states, china and russia. The proposal launched by the berlin-paris axis attempts to provide answers to these contradictions that threatened the fate of the european union.

Will the agreement between Macron and Merkel save Europe from the abyss?

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Repayment loan – construction financing with decreasing installment payments

Descending coins and blocks with arrows, what is an amortizing loan?

An amortizing loan is paid back by the borrower in monthly installments. There is a fixed repayment amount for the entire term. As the interest charge decreases over the course of repayment, the monthly installment decreases. In this article you will learn how an amortizing loan works, what to look for in this type of loan and for whom the loan form is suitable.

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