Aritco homelift illuminates and complements luxury townhomes

A short distance from knight's bridge and sloane square, a beautiful building, needed a private elevator to travel the four floors from the basement to the second floor. Key requirements included travel between floors and the free flow of light through the building on each floor.

Function and aesthetics

The project architect had seen a similar installation completed by aritco partner gartec home, where a rooflight was installed above the elevator, and felt that an aritco homelift was the obvious choice. The client agreed to have a private elevator installed that would allow light to stream through the custom glazed panels on three sides through the stairwell and into the basement, filling every floor with light and illumination.

With many years of experience, gartec was able to give the client advice and recommendations at the beginning of the project on the design style, the sizes that would work for this project, and the viability, accessibility and future-proofing they would bring.

After reviewing all options with gartec home, everyone agreed that the aritco homelift offered the most benefits to the project in terms of both aesthetics and function, with minimal building or structural overhead.

Adapt and upgrade your environment

The design of the entire house presents opulence and luxury, with large chandeliers and lighting, heavy boucle roman blinds with texture and metallic finishes used on doors and frames. The aritco homelift was selected in white RAL 9016 with custom marble flooring inside to match the first floor hallway. Glass walls on three sides fit perfectly with a skylight above the elevator, opening up the center of the house as a focal point and flooding the house with light.

With the smartlight function, the homelift can highlight other aspects within the home. Controlled via the smartlift app, homeowners can change the elevator lighting color to blue, matching the blue chandeliers at the property's entrance.

Inside the elevator, a smartcontrol is a unique feature of the aritco homelift. LED lighting is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing passengers to operate the elevator by turning and pressing the smartcontol.

Created for a better life

The elevator allows homeowners to have a forever home and assists them with any disability requirements. It also offers flexibility and convenience, whether for frequent travel and moving luggage from the top floors to the first floor, with children, strollers and toys, or to facilitate daily tasks.

The aritco homelift was installed by two engineers in a smooth and seamless process and was ready for use in just four days. It includes one-touch call station buttons, LED platform and hoistway lighting, automatic all-glass doors, the smartlift app, automatic dialing on the platform (emergency phone), an external alarm buzzer, and emergency battery setback.

The stairs are located in the middle of the stairwell and are designed to attach the lift masts to the back of the elevator. Two single poles connect the lift to the stairs at each platform and at the top of the lift.

The size of the lift is large enough to accommodate up to two people and can support up to 250 lbs. The white double doors have a central opening and are made of tempered and laminated glass with painted profiles and beautiful details that fit into the overall design and remain timeless.

All in all, homeowners are very happy with their choice and look forward to getting the most out of their new aritco homelift.